Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Today... Feb 5, 2011

Good Morning... I've just finished sorting the laundry. Jerry's just taken the dogs out for a walk. He smokes while he's walking the dogs. He takes longer doing that than I do when I walk the dogs and they "beg" him to walk them because they know they will be outside longer with him.
I'm putting off going to the laundry mat for a bit. We will do it, sometime today.
I had oatmeal for breakfast, Jerry cooked his own breakfast. Not sure what will be for dinner yet. have to look in the fridge, I think I'll get out the chicken and have chicken alfredo.
We did the laundry this afternoon. Did some riding around just to be out and away for a little bit. Took the dogs with us as they love to ride as well.
Dinner was Salad, fried chicken bites (I took a chicken breast and diced it up into much smaller pieces.. one was enough for the two of us) Fried the last of a bag of french fries I had in the freezer as well. Maybe not the most healty of meals, but it sure did taste good to us. Jerry popped some popcorn after dinner as well.  We shared a bit of the popped corn with all the pets.. the kittens are learning that if they want pop corn to grab and run or the dogs will beat them to all of it.
Today I'm grateful for... A warm camper to live in. we may not own a home, but we do own this, it's ours and we call it home. It's a bit raw outside with our high to be in the upper 30's. for this area of the country this is cold.  Just waiting to find out where we move to next.
Outside my door ... It's grey, cold and damp. a pure miserable day. We all have to have at least one, once in a while.
The dogs ... Are out with Jerry right this minute, taking him for a walk.  I think they want away from the kittens for a bit, since the kittens are in a romping, jumping mood this morning.
The Kittens ... Are jumping on the bed, from bed to bed, and on each other as they race down the hallway.  Jumping into the dirty clothes tub on the bed, out of the tub onto anything that's under the tub, including dogs or other kittens. Oh wait, Jerry and the dogs just came back in, so it's time to chase the dog leads as they are untangled and hung up on the hook they go on.
From the kitchen... Chicken and noodles. Not sure if I have everything I need to make it alfredo or not, yet.
I am hearing... NCIS in on the USA channel.
I am wearing... dark grey sweat pants and a black tshirt from when Beth was in the Jazz band. I don't wear too often.
I am reading... Jerry downloaded a free Kindle for the PC and I found a book about a knight I thought would be intresting. It's based on history.

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