Thursday, February 24, 2011

For Today... Feb 24, 2011

Good Morning, and Hello.
 I didn't sleep well last night and it finally dawned on me why. 8 years ago this morning, my Mom passed away. At times it was like she was here yesterday, talking and laughing with me over the phone or in an email.  I'm still waiting for her recipe box from my younger brother. He "Knows" she said to send it to me, once he got all the recipes copied that he wanted and I still haven't heard from him. If he needed some money or would just talk to me, it wouldn't be so bad. It's been over 4 years since I heard from him. I send Jokes and things to both his and his wife's email and I don't get a notice that it was not delivered so I know they have good addresses.
Mom loved to cook. She loved it when the table was full, both around it and on it. She especally loved the cooking for the Holidays. Thankgiving, Christmas and Easter were all big food holidays for us, growing up. She did have a groaning table for those days. Sundays were also a big day of cooking for her. I think I miss her Fried Chicken the most. Sumgullian and Betty's dish are also missed. Betty's dish is a mexican casserole and I don't have that recipe any more. It was the only dish she used Cream of Mushroom soup in. Mom didn't like Mushrooms and when she and my Grandmother lived together after Grandma retired, Grandma would make pork chops smothered with mushroom soup. Mom ate it, but she didn't like it.
Mom didn't much like to travel but she did enjoy visiting "us kids".  She was thrilled to visit me in South Carolina after Beth was born.  She loved reading "Gone with the Wind" but had a few questions about what she read. When she visited us. we drove her around a bit. She got to see how thick the brush was and that really surprised her. We even saw a deer and she thought it was a fawn. No, it was full grown. She was use to tall deer, and the deer where we were, are much smaller, but the brush they browse off of, is much lower to the ground and they don't have to reach as high to eat.
we took her to the local sights, and were lucky enough to catch a re enactment at one of the local sites. She truly loved it.
 Mom didn't really like camping out, but loved that us kids liked doing it.  I took her to Kings Mountain State and National Parks to show her where Jerry and I had camped out, on our delayed honeymoon. She kept looking for "a MOUNTAIN" and just couldn't believe that "That" hill was called a mountain. We didn't walk around it, because by then her hips were starting to really hurt, and she just wasn't up to that kind of walk any more. We also visited the local nucular power plant and she enjoyed seeing all that as well.
When she visited my older Brother she got to go to another one and although it was cold. She loved seeing him in his historical clothing and seeing how every one got along so well around the fire.
I do think, that if she had lived longer, she may have even considered moving up to Alaska as well. Her father loved the years he spent in Alaska and had hoped that she would be able to see "His" Alaska.
Mom, you did good, raising us kids. You never thought you were goind a good job, but you did a great job. We all turned out well. We love the life we live and we live the life we love. We each are independent and able to take care of our self's. We miss you. I know you are no longer hurting and that you are with those you loved growing up.
Today I'm grateful for... Being able to understand my Mother a bit better. Mom didn't want attention paid to her, much. She just wanted to do well. Mom always did the best she could with what she had. We never "wanted". We knew things were tight but we never did without the things we needed. Luxuries were few, and so all the more respected and apprecated.
Outside my door ... Grey skys and rain. But with a high of 70 or so, my door will be opened most of the day. I'm so glade that Jerry got the screen on the door so I don't have to worry about the kittens going out or have to keep the dogs in their kennels while the door is open.
The dogs ... Are asleep on the beds. The kittens havee done their best to wake them up, and failed. They are getting much better about not trying to pull me to strangers to be petted. They "look" and they whine, but they don't pull as much as they use to. Not sure how much rain we will get today but will try to go out between the worst of the rain for our walks. Rocky really does not like getting wet.
The Kittens ... have setteled down for a while. I have one in the window behind me, looking out watching for birds I bet. the rest are cuddled up with the dogs where it's warmer on the beds.
From the kitchen... I have some hamburger I need to use. don't know what I'll fix yet. I'll post later what I come up with.
I am hearing... Morning news. Tupelo purring behind me. Birds outside, singing.
I am wearing... dark grey sweat pants and a light purple top.
I am reading... emails, recipes and I'm going to try to finish 'Exiles in Virginia' today. not that much more to go to finish it.

One of my favorite things... Opening the door and letting in the fresh air. Sure it's Febuary but for this area, it feels like Spring !!
A few plans for the rest of the week...
Want to go to the R.V. show this weekend. Want to find a couple of Geo Caches.
shopping. laundry.
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