Sunday, February 6, 2011

For Today...Feb 6, 2011

 Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Ryan's is closing early so their employees can watch the game.  Can't imagine  that happening 5 years ago, can you?  Next thing we know, Super Bowl will be a national Holiday. Just think, The whole country comes to a stop because a bunch of over paid (multi millionaires)  are playing a game.  Don't get me wrong, I can't do what they do, but are they really, really worth that much money for playing a few games each year?
Will we watch the game?  Answer is Yes.  Is it for the game or the commercials.. both. Do we want to watch the half-time show.. don't know, doubt it matters that much in the long run.  It is what it is. A whole country watching up and coming, newest rage of the country popular what ever's getting in some publicity, and getting paid for it as well.
I'm guessing any distraction is better than no distraction in this day and age.
What we did today... After I got a shower and dried off, and Jerry walked the dogs, we went to Ryan's for breakfast. (that's how I know they are closing early today) Jerry had looked up some more Geocaches along the Trace and we went looking. They are all within 10 miles of the camper. The first one we went looking for, must either have bad numbers or Jerry copied it wrong cause it sure wasn't where the description said it was. We knew we were way off when our GPS showed it behind us, when we "knew" that it was suppose to be at least 6 more miles down the road from the second one we were going to go look for. So, we dropped that one, no counting it in our looked for file until we know for sure it's latitude and longitude. And where or not it's bad numbers or just bad copying. So, we go on to the second one, as much to turn around as to look for it. Jerry entering the numbers for that one while I'm walking the dogs and then off down the trail we go looking for it.. yes, down hill.. my poor knees screaming at me, "Are you Kidding?"  but it's not too bad a hill and it's not too long a hill and I'm going nice slow, with two dogs, one pulling ahead and one hanging back. Jerry comes up and takes Rocky so I'm only having to walk one of the dogs. Rocky was the one pulling ahead. Macon lets me know why he's behind. (potty break time) and then he's fine.  Jerry gets kind close to where the cache is.. and hands me Rocky. Well these boys are now getting warmed up with walking and don't want to stop, so I'm going on down the trail a bit, it doubles back on it's self and just as we turn the corner, I hear Jerry yell he's found the cache. Ok, I yell back to him but he didn't answer me. I had to go back the way we had gone and call again. I couldn't see him.. I'm thinking next time we do this, I'm going to ask him to wear his safety vest so I can find him in the woods. (it's bright yellow) I finally spot his dark red shirt through the trees, and find a slight path leading to him, and Macon goes the wrong side of a tree, and has to correct himself and come back to my side, while Rocky is trying his hardest to go join Jerry. We all get to see the cache, then Jerry got to 
 re-hide it, and head back to the path. We decided to finish the trail around back to the van. Macon having to potty again. Back in the van, Jerry enter's in more numbers to the GPS and we head back the way we came.. passing the miss numbered site again. and we stop at another trail head. This one I walk alone on, leaving Jerry and the dogs in the van to enter another site while I go see what's up the trail. At the end of this short trail are the graves of 13 unknown Confederate Solders from the American Civil War. I took some pictures of some of the head stones. They are not the original stones. Those had fallen over years and years ago and had been replaced, only to have been stolen.. and now replaced by the National Parks Department and maintained by them. Each one has a different kind of artificial flower and at least one flag of either the USA or Confederacy, some had a flag from both.  A small walkway loops back to the parking area.
Off we go for our second Cache of the day. It's at a tower. (um, ok) So, it's off the Trace. We back track to a road that runs under the trace, and we go down a ways (about 6 minutes drive) and I tell Jerry, next road to the right, take it. And we do.. and we go down it a bit, come to a stop sign and I tell him, right turn.. and we turn right. and a bit later, I tell him bear left, and we  end up on this winding, twisting, back road that is a very nice interesting drive. We can see a tower but the road just doesn't seem to head it's way. I mean it's really got lots of curves to it.  We are almost on top of the dot on the screen when I tell Jerry bear left when you can and we are there. He gets out while I make a phone call, and finds it on the other side of a building that is with the tower. My battery went dead while I was talking to Nell. We are near(ish) Saltillo, and we know there's a Cache in Saltillo. We've been looking for it before. So we head back to Saltillo and the park. We park where we parked last time, and we get out, leaving the dogs sleeping in the van, and start walking around.  Last time we were in the area, the GPS kept pointing toward the dugouts. This time we end up behind a different baseball field. beside a soccer field at a tree that's all over-grown and in the middle of the tree, is the cache. the log is wet and the pen with it doesn't want to write. Jerry tossed in some change from his pocket because he keeps forgetting to pick up one of our tokens we have for this purpose, and in exchange we may get a token.. well, there wasn't anything in the cache he wanted but walking away, he found a token and picked it up, I'm thinking it was in the cache at one time and someone tossed it aside. it's about  the Armor of God. A good item, as far as I'm concerned.

So, really we are 3 for 3 today. By the time we leave the park we are shucking out of our coats. Since we are in Saltillo, we decided to shop at the Food Giant. We need cat food, and I want Frito Pie for dinner tonight.  A bowl full of Frito chips, a couple of spoonfuls of chili and a sprinkling of Cheese.  that makes a good dinner. Picked up some eggs and bread as well, since we were there as well as some cola for the week.
Back to the camper, Jerry dropping me and the dogs off just outside the entrance for another potty break. And we have good dogs. A lady is walking her dog, sees us and goes on down the road a bit so her dog can potty, and comes back and I have our dogs sit while she's passing us.. and although her dog  barked a little, it wasn't much and more of a howdy than anything and our dogs behaved. I can't say that they stayed sitting, but they didn't try to pull away from me, either.  We pass her camper on our way to our's and she came over and got to pet our dogs. We got to talk a bit and although our dogs tried to jump up, they figured out that wasn't going to be allowed, let her pet them and didn't make any noise while we were talking. All in all a good walk on the dogs. A few steps down the hill, and I have them sit again, because a man is walking across the driveway to another camper. They watch but don't try to go to him. A vast improvement in them, really. Sure, they still go wild if they think someone is going to pet them, but they are doing much better.
This afternoon was nice enough that we sat outside at the table and played 4 rounds of Farkle. Jerry won all 4 games. In the first three I lead the whole game.. that last game he lead. He forgot to tell me he had over 10,000 points. I didn't know it and thought my turn was over when I claimed 350 points and he said he won. What? Wait?  you have to tell me when you reach the goal since I can't see the score pad. Oh,, yeah, right. I passed 10,000... re-play.  And I still lost. Oh well.
Billie C.

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