Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 14, 2011

Good Morning.
Jerry left for work and the dogs are confused. They didn't know just what is going on. I did take them out to potty before he left. I'll be waking them here again, in a bit. Our weather is to be mostly sunny and a high in the low 60's. I love it.
Jerry and I don't plan on givin each other a Vanentines card of gift this year. Like last year, we just don't have it to spend. Where would I put any thing, anyway?  There just isn't much room in here. I told Jerry this morning that my gift was all my love. And he agreed with that.
Dinner will be Chicken Alfredo. I'll season and bake the chicken, then make up a package of Alfredo noodles to put it on. Salad and I plan on baking a cake this afternoon as well.
I'm glade Jerry had two weeks off, but I'm also glade that he's gone back to work, so I can deep clean our camper. I'll be able to open up the windows and vents and let it all air out today and all this week. we need that.
I haven't "Cleaned" in a while. I've picked up and straighted up, but not really cleaned.  I'll even be able to put the dogs outside for a bit, as long as I have the door open. The kittens will play outside while the door is open. they love exploring, but run back very quickly when they hear a strange noise.
Billie C.

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