Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Today... Feb 3, 2011

For Today... Feb 3, 2011
There just hasn't been much to write about the last few days.  Jerry is job hunting. Most places he's talked to say it's going to be mid March or later before they need any help. He's applied for unemployment.. but it's an interstate claim so it may take a while before we hear on it.
It was snowing here a little bit ago. We took the dogs with us while we drove the trash to the trashcan, then a stop at the office where I picked up a card from a swap.
We've been watching lots of t.v. and sleeping but that's been about it. Just not much going with us right now.  We did do some Geocaching over the weekend and were on a roll.. On Sunday we found 5 out of 6 and On Monday we were 4 out of 5.  But until we hear of another job, Geocaching is put on hold. Gas prices here are running about $3.00 a gallon or close to it.  Milk about the same as well. Bread cost us $2.39 for Sunbeam. All in all we spent just under $50 at the store for a few days worth of food and tp.
Laundry costs are up as well. We pay $3.50 for a medium sized washer and another $1.00 for the dryer, per load.. jeans cost more to dry though.
Outside my door ... It was snowing a bit ago.. it's till grey and ugly looking. we may get more snow or even some icy sleet instead. It's not looking so great. But by the time the weekend is over with, we may be back in the 50's again. For the middle of winter though, it's not been too bad. Now, Up north, that's a totally different story and I'm sure glade we are not having to be there. Chicgo had almost 2 foot of snow over a three day period. So glade we are not still in that part of the country. I like snow, but only a bit of it,
The dogs ... Love to ride in the van, They don't care if it's miles or just around the camp ground. We took the trash to the can and the dogs got a ride. 
The Kittens ... Are really giving the dogs a hard time.  I put down a bowl of rice that had lots of water in it. and the kittens chased the dogs off. some dogs we have, right? later, the kittens were jumping bed to bed and then chasing each other up and down the hallway. Macon got off the bed and all 4 ran under him, swiping at his tail on their way through. Rocky was sleeping on my bed with his toes over the edge. One of the kittens ran into the hallway, then reached up and just tapped the pad of his foot with a claw. Rocky jumped big time.
From the kitchen... I have a slice of ham in the freezer that we need to eat. It's been there for a while. guess we will have peas and mashed potatoes with it. Not sure if we will have a dessert or not, yet.
I am hearing... Water dribbling in the sink. Running the water to keep the lines from freezing up. Jerry is channel surfing. Not sure what he may settle on.
I am wearing... Brown sweat pants and a grey tshirt. I took a pair of knee high socks, cut off the foot part and made arm warmers with it. I had them on earlier and at this rate, I may have to change into a sweat shirt if it gets much colder in here.
I am reading... I was reading " Exiles in Virgina " but I've put it in the van to read while Jerry was job hunting. I'll have to pick up another book to read, soon.
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