Friday, February 4, 2011

Fortune Telling Party Balls

Fortune Telling Party Balls
Designed By: Kathleen George

Typical Project Completion Time: 1-2 hours
(does not include drying time)

Everyone - children and adults, love to have their fortunes told! You can use the fortune telling balls over and over again, and vary this party game by replacing the fortunes with a party stunt or clues to a hidden treasure.

STYROFOAM* Brand Products:
3" balls (one per fortune)

Other Materials:
Thin, white craft glue
Curling ribbon
Sequins (optional)
Paper, pens
Paintbrush, with firm bristles
Melon baller or sharp spoon
Fortune Telling Party Balls

1. Cut balls in half with a serrated knife. (Hint: For smoother cuts, wax the knife blade with an old candle.) Hollow out the center of each half ball with a thin-edged spoon, such as a melon baller.
2. Cut a toothpick into two 3/4" pieces. Push the toothpick pieces into the rim of one half-ball. Gently push the two halves together to check the placement of the toothpicks and to be sure the balls fit together snugly. Open the ball again and glue the toothpicks in place on one half.
3. Using a paint brush, spread a thin layer of glue on outside of balls. Sprinkle with glitter; let dry. (Hint: for easier clean up, spread newspapers over work surface, or, glitter balls while working over a box top.)
4. While glue dries, make fortunes. Cut paper into 1" x 2 1/2" pieces and write funny and affectionate fortunes for your party guests. Fold paper in half lengthwise and in thirds again to fit inside the balls.
5. For additional glitz, glue sequins onto outside of balls (optional).
6. Glue one end of a 12" length of ribbon to the insides of half of the half-balls; let dry.
7. To assemble balls, insert confetti and one fortune in each ball and push together two half balls, one with a ribbon tail and one without. (Do not glue the balls together; the toothpicks will hold them together.)
8. Arrange the balls in a glass bowl, with the ribbons hanging over the edge of the bowl. Each guest selects a ribbon, follows it to the fortune ball, opens the ball and reads their fortune.

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