Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23, 2011

Good Morning... I hope you slept well last night.   I made appointments to get all our pets fixed. The kittens will be done this Friday and the dogs on March 9th. Every one will be misirable for a few days, but I'm hoping that there will also be some improvents in attitude and manners.  No food for the Kitties after midnight.. not a problem. We feed at 8 pm, I'll just have to remember to pick up all the dog food dishes as well. Still thinking of how to transport them. In a kennel I know.. but one or two?  I'll carry them into the clinic in one but I'll ask if I should bring both kennels to pick them up in.  I'll have to carry the dogs with me, anyway. I don't leave them at home alone not in a kennel. Rocky will chew up stuff if I do that.
We lost one of our heaters last night. It stopped working, because it got warm. Jerry took it apart to clean it out when he saw how much dust it had in it.. took it apart to clean it out and couldn't get it back together.. It's one of the older ones. I don't know if we will pick up another this weekend or not. Not that it's that cold, right now. But we need one at each end of the camper to keep comfortable. I don't want to constantly keep turning on and off a propane burner. And I won't have one on after we go to bed.
I did well in my walking yesterday. I got in just over 6,000 steps. I "need" to keep an account of my steps better. 
Today I'm grateful for... The ability to walk. I mean it.. really. Where would I be if I couldn't take steps? I couldn't be in this camper, the step is too high. I wouldn't have the pets because I wouldn't be able to take care of them. Such a simple part of life and I take it for granted.
Outside my door ... It's grey, but our high is to be in the mid 60's today. if it warms up any at all, I'll open windows and the door and let the fresh air in. We are suppose to be in the 70's tomorrow but we also have a chance of some storms tomorrow as well.
The dogs ... Are doing much better when I walk them past people and "intresting" things. Macon is now intrested in the squirels around here. He'll stare and stare but keep walking by me. Rocky looks as well but not as intense as Macon does. I keep telling Macon he's not a hunting dog.
The Kittens ... Slept at my feet all night long. As long as they don't touch my feet I don't kick them off the bed. I can't stand them touching my feet. Tupelo usually sleeps in Jerry armpit. Rocky sleeps at Jerry's feet and she will sometimes curl up by Rocky but she's adopted Jerry as "hers". smokey as adopted me as "his".  the other two.. well. they just havn't made up their minds yet. Strips likes to sit on the back of the couch behind Jerry and look out the window. Fuzzybutt just ingnors us both, unless it's time to feed them She'll come sit between us, but only if one of the other kittens are there first.  I have the blinds open in the back window and they all line up on the sink counter, looking out at the brush where the birds all flit from brush to branch.
From the kitchen...  Going to have Chicken.. not sure yet, what to put with it. Don't want to do alfredo again. don't really want to do rice again either. But I also have a box of Fish portions and Jerry picked those out so I may go with that, insead.
I am hearing... Morning news. 
I am wearing... dark gray sweatpants and my Waikiki shirt we bought last year at a yard sale. At times I wish we could go there to see the beaches. But I know I would want to see more than the beaches. I would want to explore much more. (Hum,.. wonder how many geocaches are in Waikiki)
I am reading... I'm about to finish up "the exiles of Virgina".  Still not so sure I like it or not. It's not what I expected.
I am thinking... We need to go to Tuscaloosa soon and go through storage and pick up a few things and get rid of a few things in there. I would love to find a small trailer to buy and just carry everything with us in that.
I am hoping... That we can go to the RV show this weekend. I want to check out a few R.V's and see what's new, and how much.
I am creating... A more comfortable place for us to live. Keeping the camper clean and fresh smelling.
One of my favorite things... A fresh cup of coffee in the morning.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Get the kittens fixed, laundry, shopping. R.V. show.
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