Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Morning

Is it morning >??  I didn't sleep well last night. and when I did sleep, I had a dream of Jerry's mom. Not claiming to be any "abliities" but just  any time I have dreamed of her, something has happened in his family. 
She never drove, I don't even recall if she knew how to drive, but my dream had her picking me up, her driving, until we see a roadblock then her getting out and I taking over the wheel. only to find out that all the tires on the white car are worn down to nothing. Then having to turn the large car around on a narrow road and being told I could only back up one time, or I would be in trouble. 
Some dream, right?
I didn't seem sleepy after that dream so I moved to the couch and turned on some music and used my earphones. I don't remember much of the music, so I did sleep. I wish we had recliners in here, would be so much more comfortable to sleep in.
 I was just waking up, when Macon had an "accident" in the floor.. a really stinky one.  I had to clean it upwhile Jerry took both dogs out. I had to keep running the kittens off that mess, they wanted to smell it. guess they didn't realze that dogs poop just like they do. I covered the area with lysol after flushing the mess down the john.  Jerry came back in and said both dogs were pooping well. each at least 4 times.. guess the leftover roast didn't agree with them much.
Not sure what we are going to do today. sure we will watch the game tonight but don't know what we will do with the rest of our time. Jerry is looking up Geocaches.. one had a funny code to it and I had to help with that.  point left, bomb, open file... that is not the usual code for Geocache.  Come to find out, after working on the code for over 1/2 an hour,, it's in another county and I doubt we will go looking for it any time soon.
Now that the sun is up,, I can tell it's not a grey dull, dreary day outside. It's going to be a sunny, bright day. One that just begs us not to stay indoors. So, once I get my shower out of the way, and we get breakfast into "us". I'm sure we will find something to keep us busy outside.  the dogs are going to need more "outside" time today as well.
Jerry called our daughter yesterday,  and his last paycheck did go to her place and she has most of our tax papers so she's going to put them in the mail for us, tomorrow.  I texted with Beth a bit yesterday. She said how weird was it that she was craving the fries from the local diner in town as a comfort food and that she was totally comfortable sitting there eating them.. she was waiting for her "boyfriend" to call or text her.. they were in a fight.
I don't know if he ever did, but she stopped texting me not long after that so I assume he either found her, or called her.
Billie C.

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