Monday, April 11, 2011

For Today... April 11, 2011

 A bit of a late start this morning. Just dealing with wayward kitties mostly. They are all pushing to see how much trouble I will let them get into before putting them in kitty jail. Two in and one more pushing for it. I just started 5 eggs to boil. I'll use them for my lunches the next few days. I bagged up the trash in the kitchen area and took it out while I walked the dogs. We stopped and I let my dogs smell around Hunter's kennel for a few minutes. I really feel bad for Hunter. He cowered when I came close but he perked up a bit when Macon tried to touch his nose. Hunter got into so much trouble when he got loose the other day.
I seperated the laundry, again as I really do need to take a load over to the wash house and start a load. I don't know about how you were taught to do laundry but I still do it in the same order even though I "know" it's not necessary any more. Way back when.. (over 40 years ago) We had a wringer washer with two rinse tubs. I was in charge of laundry in summer time and sometimes after school as well. Anyway... I was taught to seperate the "whites" from the lights, then the middling colors, next was darks and last was jeans. to this day,I still start the whites first. I guess old habits really are hard to break. Today I'll do lights, and if I have time, the lights as well. Tomorrrow I'll do the color loads. I'm not sure if the dryer will get jeans dry or not, yet.  Let me get these out of here and started, I'll be back in a few minutes.

more like 45 minutes.  I got the whites in the dryer now, and a second load started in the washer. Set my timer for a bit over 35 minutes. I just finised up the bathroom. Scrubbed the tub, sink and toilet, put away stuff that was still out from spraying for ants last week, and cleared the counter. I wiped the counter off as well. Only thing left is sweeping the floor. Since I ended up with water on the floor, that will wait for a little while.
I had the dogs out while I was taking the whites to the wash house, but Had to put Macon back in because he just wouldn't leave Rocky alone and he has a bad habit of getting Rocky's chain collar off when they rough house. I left Rocky outside for a bit so he could just be away from Macon for a few minutes.
I have to remember to put both ice chests in the van this evening when Jerry comes home. It's that time of year that in order to keep food safe, it's in an ice chest.
We will eat out tonight. Jerry's check from the last full week in Tupelo should be here.  I need to make a list of things I have to pick up from the store. Cat litter is on the top of the list. have to check how much cat food we have left and dog food as well. I'm sure we are low on both.

Outside my door ... High clouds. some very dark but most are white, fluffy things. Just enough to help keep the sun off the camper. I did break down Friday and turned on the air. I try not to do that too much and I still think April is too early to have the air on.  I know I'll have to have it on later today as the humidy is just going to go sky high. We have a chance of storms this evening.
The dogs ... Like it here, I think. They get to be outside on their lines more.  Oh, Saturday day, the people next door were outside and having a fight. I'm not sure if they were playing or serious. I let the dogs bark so they would get the message to stop the fighting. When I opened the door and took the dogs out, they were leaving. Something like this happend Thursday morning when a fellow was picked up from next door by someone I think he's related to from the way she was taking and chewing him out. I'm not sure if it was the same fellow or not, though.
Well. I got the two loads of laundry done that I wanted to get done today.. I have two to three for tomorrow, at least.. including a couple of blankets and the sheets from the beds.  finished up the bathroom and then got the bedrooms out of the way before my show came one. (Y&R)  Ate my lunch while it was on. Tuna egg salad on crackers.  Posted a few things, downloaded my emails to read off line, and now I've got the air on and have the curtain up to contain the cool to the front of the camper. I'm working on the Kitchen area now. First spraying for ants (again !!) Ran the dish water and washed off the dish strainer. Made tea and put two of the kitties in kitty jail. They were just getting up and into what every because I was in the back. knocked my camera off the table, knocked the remote off the table and walked across my laptop. Ugh.. I have also had to yell at all four of them to leave the trash bag alone.. (forgot it's got the tuna can in it. I'll have to take it to the trash can when I walk the dogs this afternoon.
Back from the afternoon walk. Took the bag of trash out. Walked down the front of the rv park to the other end, and then some.. the dogs finally did what we were out for. Then we meandered back to the camper, with a quick stop to say "hi" to the other dog, Hunter.
I got the dishes all done. Not all put away, yet but they are washed up.  Been picking at cleaning up the counter tops in the kitchen. Stopped for a small bowl of cereal for a snack.
Still need to work on the living room area. I'm getting there, slow but sure.

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