Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011

I tend to email my notes to Blog spot and forget to come and post pictures. I know it says it can accpet photos, but every time I've tried I get that dreaded red X. Yes, I'm a bit lazy and when I try to load in picctures it can take some time to get done. I'll try harder to remember to put in a few pictures each week. We had a relaxing day. Got up around 8am.. had breakfast then drove out to Dogwood Valley. I wanted to take pictures, but there were not that many Dogwoods blooming. I did get a few pictures taken but they are still in my camera. Jerry is having issues with his camera. We did the laundry late this afternoon. We left here at 4, was done with the washing, drying and folding by 6:10... but since we were out, decided to eat out. I had taken my afterhnoon shot right before we left the camper. We ended up going past two sonic's befor we ended up at the one on the other side of town. The first two were really crowded. The only parking would have had the sun right in our faces. I got the Chicken club, tots and a Lemon Berry cream slush. (smallest they have) I gave Jerry most of my tots. I should back up a bit... After breakfast, we just drove around a little bit. Not sure just why, but we did.. then I reminded Jerry that Saturday's are good yard sale days.. Yep. First one we found was a church doing a car wash and sale. I asked Jerry if we could get the van done, it's got a greasy coating on it.. Sure, why not.. So the little kids had a blast trying to reach to the top of the van. (wish I had thought of my camera) Macon and Rocky wanted out to play with the kids. One little girl got scared and came over where the "big" people were, and wanted her daddy, who was at work. I convienced her that the dog's can't get out and all they want to do is love up on people.. But I can't let them because they forget that people don't like to have dogs jump on them and I know Macon would have knocked her down without meaning to hurt her. I found some good baby books while we were looking over the yard sale stuff, waiting for the kids to get done with the van. it got washed at least three times I know of. The next yard sale was just around the corner.. I found some wooden spoons, magnet clips for the fridge door a hand grater and a wooden spatula.. only once I went to pay for everything realized that the spoons were not wood but plastic. I traded for another pack that had a wood spoon, a wood fork and another wood spatula in it. I much prefer using wood on my cast iron and in the non stick pans we have. We drove around a while more before we found another yard sale.. we didn't find anything we wanted at it.. our last stop, I found a nice large piece of thin, tanned leather. I asked how much and the man said a quarter.. I reached into my pocket and found two quarters. and gave him both. Said i didn't feel right paying only one quarter for it. Truth be told I felt bad about only two quarters because I was willing to go as high as at least $5. for it. it's big enough I can make a couple of small pouches off of it as well as a couple of book covers, I think. The other leather they had was purple. Now I like purple not not purple leather, It just looks funny to me.

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