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Jackson Alabama

April  6
(Text in blue are questions asked that I asnwered with the text in black below it)
Billie, if Jerry has been laid off, does that mean that you are not going to where you thought you were going in Alabama?

A far as we know.. we are "on" for Thomasville,, the question is, when.
We really "need" to get there this week to keep our heads above water.
Part of the reason Jerry was not let go last Friday was because the man he was working with was trying to keep him working and thought they would have heard over the weekend about that job in Thomasville. Someone else called and was told that they don't need any one there. When Jerry called Robert, the recruiter, He said that, last he heard, That job needed Electricians badly. He was suppose to call Jerry late last night, but didn't do that. So we will end up spending today, waiting on a phone call. Jerry will work on the wiring for the brake booster since the ground will be dryer and warmer than it was yesterday.
I ended up waking up at 4 am and I tried going back to sleep.. it evaded me.. I tried taking a blanket and a pillow to the love seat sized couch and tried sleeping propped up a bit.. that didn't work. So I'm sure that something today, I'm going to crash and sleep.
(to my newsletter friends)
Good Morning. I'm up way too early this morning. Since I have this newsletter ready to go except for a couple of things, I thought I'd finish it up and send it on it's way. Woke up at 4 am and just can't seem to get back to sleep. Macon has taken over my bed and although he will move, I hate to make him just cause I'm restless. Rocky, on the other hand. He gets grouchy and will growl a little if I make him move off. He really don't mean anything about it, just his way of showing me he's not pleased that I want him to move. I am always telling him. I'm the person and he's the dog. ( ha ha) The one good thing about being awake this early is I get the see the sun rise and hear the birds sing the new day in. My plans for the rest of the day are ... clean up the camper, help Hubby with the ligts on the van, and wait for a phone call.
( to my chat groups I'm in)
Jerry's been waiting on a phone call all
afternoon, evening and this morning.. So. he makes a call to the Job in
Thomasville... We were suppose to be there THIS morning !!! Sure would help if
"Someone" would have told US that !!
So, packing it all up. Will chat when we get there. God Bless you and I'm
so very thankful that Jerry has a job to go to.. Yes. We need to scoot and
be there tonight. I sure hope that don't mean he's on nights..

The camper took me two hours to pack inside. Took Jerry over four hours to wire the brake booster and place the hitch on. We left Tupelo at 2:30 and found T-ville by 6:30. Found a R.V. Park around 8. Had to move boxes out of our way in order to go to bed. No cable. I know it's going to take me much longer to put every thing back to rights. I want to do that before I turn on my computer. If you want or need to call me, go ahead 816 885 7229. Thinking of you all. Billie C.
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April 7, 2011
( To my Chat Group Friends)
I'm Back.. did ya miss me?
 I know it was only a couple of days, but I sure missed my computer friends.

We are in Thomasville Alabama.
The long story is.. Jerry got laid of Monday (ya'll knew that) Made a phone call Tuesday.. was told he'd be called back. Never was called back. So Jerry made two phone calls Wednesday We were "Suppse" to be at the job already. We were not ready to move the camper just yet. Yikes.
 Jerry spent over 4 hours getting the brake wired up. Something he wanted to do last time we moved the camper but we didn't have the parts then. (we took a chance) So, while Jerry's working on the wiring (and doing a lot of cussing) I'm inside, taking everything and I do mean EVERYTHING out of the over head storages, closets, and cupboards.. The one bad thing about airstreams is if you leave things "UP" they tend to beat the bottom out of things.. They are not made to move with stuff over head. It took me just over 2 hours to box it all up.
Thank you Jerry, for buying me 8 huge packing boxes. I used 5 of them and have 3 spares. I've got all but one unpacked and it's full of Jerry's stuff so I'll let him unpack it so he knows where "His" stuff is. The other 2 hours I spent helping him, walking dogs and consoling kittens who have been in the kennels a while. After 4 trips to the parts store Jerry finally got it all done, hitched up and we were ready to roll.
 We left Tupelo about 2:30 and arrived in Thomasville about 5 1/2 hours later.
 Too late to go to the job site. So, Jerry calls the boss, who say's "See you in the morning" Not what time of the morning, mind you.. Just "In the Morning".
We go south of Thomasville, to Grove Hill, find a Texico station and stop for directions to a camp ground.. down the road and on the right about 1/3 of a mile..
 It's on the left.
 So, we turn the van and camper around in an empty store driveway.. and Jerry walks over to see if they have any lots open..No, but... I know a man who does.. and they talked about 15 to 20 minutes (I napped) Jerry comes back, gets in the van and tells me about 4 miles down the road is a campground, or so the man said. but if that one is full... call this guy, and hands Jerry a card.
That's all well and good but it's dark and we can't find the place so I suggested we either turn around and head back or call the man on the card..
We ended up doing both. When Jerry called, he didn't leave a message. While Jerry was inside paying for the gas I got the card and made the call, Got connected just as Jerry got back to the van and handed him my phone. I don't know the details that Jerry knows.. I do know we need 30 amp and not 50..
Come to find out there is only one lot left with 30 amp. By now it's 8 pm. very dark and we are told to drive toward Jackson, it's about 12 miles.. A fireworks and gas station on the left side of the road... it's 10 miles and we blew past it.. and I got a call from the man, he had seen us past and was letting me know.. he's waiting for us when we get turned around (Van and Camper, need lots of room)
We get there. He helps Jerry get it backed into place and talk and talk. and we finally get things hooked up outside,
Remember, everything from over head is in boxes on the floor. and there isn't much floor in here. So we shift a couple of boxes to the couch, ( Only space left to set anything) stack a box on another box, Jerry gets his shower and we are sound asleep.
 Because Jerry didn't know "What time". we were up at 4 am so Jerry can be at the jobsite by 6am.
 I went back to bed.
 I've gotten all but one box unpacked.. still have the tubs in the kitchen to go. but that won't take me too long.
I just tried to call Jerry to find out how much longer he's going to be working to.. and he left his phone here. So I'm going to suggest we eat out tonight !!!
I have decided that we are going to eat out tonight. I'm tired of unpacking and havn't gotten to all the kitchen stuff yet.
The campground is more of an RV park. water, power, sewer and trash pick up.
No wifi, no on site manager, next door to a gas station, but when we drove past on the way home, it was closed already and it wasn't even 8pm yet.

It's small. May hold about 8 to 10 campers, and one spot is already taken with the owners own camper (next to us so we can use their parking spot as well as our if needed)
 No cable tv (yet) But we are able to pick up some local stations and although we can't watch ax men or ice road truckers (when it starts up again) we do get CBS, FOX and ABC.. all stations we do watch.

I've a bit of a sunburn, but I had planned on spending more time outside this year anyway. Unless someone moves in into the spot next to us, we have plenty of space Otherwise it will feel a bit clastrophobic as the parking places are a bit close.
 Plenty of area to walk the dogs and a bit of a wild road I can walk down as well, once we are more comfortable in our settings.
I have yet to meet any of the neighbors yet.
Jerry's work day starts at 7 so we can get up a bit later than we did this morning. He's already gone off to bed and I need to clean off my bed..

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