Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wild Weather

First off. Jerry and I are ok. No damanges to any of our things either. If you've read the Aol report of the weather, (Not had the tv on to know if it's made national news or not)
We had some very rough weather last evening and night.  Washington Country is just west of us by about  20 miles or so.  We had lots of wind and the camper shook a lot. But no roaring and nothing out of place outside except one of the trash bins at the entrance to the rv park lost a lid and I put it back in place when I walked the dogs this morning.
I read reports about damanges in Tuscaloosa and will have Jerry call to make sure the carlot and our storage are ok. The Bama mini storage mentioned in the Aol story is just a couple of blocks away from both.

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