Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Morning April 8, 2011

For Today... April 8, 2011
We  are now in Jackson Alabama.

Good Morning... On Tuesday, We left Tupelo aruond 2 and got to Thomasville around 6 and found an rv park and started setting up around 8.. it was a long day. yesterday was spent on putthings things back in place and sleeping. I think I took two naps as well as going back to bed once Jerry left for work and I also spent about an hour talking to the owner of the R.V. park when he came by for his money.  I had 5 boxes of stuff to put away. I got all but one and that one Jerry had to do as it was his stuff. I have three tubs of stuff that I have to put away today, two of food and one of dishes. I'll also have to re-arrange under the sink as well. 
today is a cloudy, humid day. It was a bit foggy when we got up and it looks to still be foggy as i write this.  There is a drive around behind the camper that I may walk the dogs and I noticed a road off of it. I asked if I could walk the road, and it's a "maybe". seems that some people who were here before would toss their beer cans while they were back there. I won't do that. Carry water with me, yes... toss trash just cause I'm there, no. I don't plan on going too far. and I want to wait for Jerry to walk with me as well. So walking that direction is on hold for a couple of days.
Outside my door ...  Cloudy and Humid.  High to be in the mid 80's (I'm in shorts)with the clouds lifting by mid-day
The dogs ... like it here. there is a lot marker that I can slip the handles of the leads over and they can stay outside for a while. Some good walking area's and there is another dog here. Hunter is his name. He got loose and came for a visit yesterday.
The Kittens ...  Are in the back window looking for birds. They all have been in Kittie jail this morning. I've let them back out and now two more are back in again. Once I get breakfast and walk the dogs, they will be allowed out again.
From the kitchen... yesterday, we ate at an all you can eat, catfish place. Jerry thought he would like it, but didn't and ended up with a hambuger as well as his fish. I liked it, myself. funny how two people can have such a different opinion on a place. We may try there again in a couple of weeks.
I am hearing... No Cable and no wifi.. I have CBS from off the "air" on and it's a great picture.
I am wearing... SHORTS.. blue shorts and a white tshirt.  I'll most likely live out of white tshirts for the rest of this week. I may go buy another pack of them even. I have a couple of ideas to make with tshirts as well.
I am reading... emails.. I have over 600 to catch up on.

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