Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For Today... April 12, 2011

Hello. Ignore the date on the photo.. I can't find where to change it on my camera. That's Spanish Moss hanging from the tree. I've seen a lot of that around here. Last time I saw Spanish Moss was a long time ago and it was deliberately set on that one tree in the town of Fort Mill South Carolina. I don't even know if that tree is still there or not. Last night we had a quick storm come through. It was here, then gone and I think we got about a quarter inch of rain or so. Just enough to really make everything damp. The dogs had to wait a bit befor going out for the last time of the night, but once the storm was done, It felt great outside. A great cool night for sleeping. today the sun is up and it's a new bright day, Perfect for making things with.

Today's high is to be in the upper 70's today with lots of Sun shine. The dogs will like that since I'll let them be outside on their lines for a bit. I heard from Beth. She went to the ER last night. She was having trouble breathing. After some blood work was done found out her Eletrolites were low. Expecally in Potassiem and Sodium. As she said, she eats enought "junk" food that it's hard to believe that she's low Sodium.. As well as the Potassium. but when she was in the hospital a couple of years ago, she was low potassium then, as well. She's going to have a scan done today to be sure it's not a imbolisem in her lungs. She had to wait until morning for that to be done. So far though, Every thing else is just fine and the baby is still doing very well.

Beth was dehydrated according to the ER doctor. She needs to eat a banana and a potato each day as well as drink more water. Potatoes are not a problem at all for her, since she works in a plant that makes hash brown potatoes and may take any that are not the right size for the machine. She sees her OB tomorrow.


Well, It's almost 9 am and I have a lot done. took the dogs out befor Jerry left and took them out again and walked a little so they could go poop. tied them outside away from each other so there's less noise from them. They can see each outher, just can't reach each other. Macon so wants to jump on Rocky. I have one load of laundry done with two more to get finished one is in the washer and the other waiting for the washer.cleand the bathroom and made the beds. Put two kitties in "Jail" for jumping on the kitchen counter. Now it's time to walk over to the wash house and change loads, back in a few minutes.


Back, I... changed laundry loads, taking out the bedspread from the dryer, (not dry yet) and put in the dryer a load of darks, and started the rest of the tub of darks in the washer. Then I brought back to the camper the bedspread I washed.. hung it up to finish dring over the shower rod in the hallway,Brought Rocky in, removed his lead, Picked up the trash bag, And unwound Macon from the pole he's on, Then walked to the trash cans. Tossing away a bag of trash. A few "sits" for Macon to remind him. He's got to do that when I say it. Back in the camper, and let Macon out of his collar and lead. Waiting for the timer to go off so I can go take the load out of the dryer and switch the washer load into the dryer. I will still have at least two to three loads tomorrow. Jeans, for Jerry and more blankest. It's shedding time for the dogs and I swept up a huge pile of fur this morning and there was a canister full of fur even after i swept the floors this morning. It is really a good morning this morning. Not too hot yet. A slight breeze blowing through the camper, and Plenty of fresh scents on the air.

 I got three loads of laundry done this morning. A bedspread and two loads of darks. Still plan on doing Jeans tomorrow. The camper looks lots better this evening. I finally felt like doing more than just the bare bones today. it's been a great day weather wise. Not to humid and not too hot. (5pm) I just started a loaf of bread in the bread maker. I mixed some sour cream in some milk but then I had to add some more milk to the machine to get a slighly sitcky ball of dough. Hum. Of course I read about using sour cream long ago and didn't look to see if I have that recipe on the laptop or if it's on the desktop I have put away for a while. I still have a ways to go to get everything cleaned up in here, but it's really looking much better in here.

Jerry will most likely work 11 hours today and He may not be home before 7 pm. I can hope he'll be earlier but there is no way to know until he calls me. Looks like he'll have to work the weekend as well.

Saturday is my younger brother's birthday. I have put a card in the mail to him and I'm hoping he'll get it on time. There was mail in the box this morning so it should be picked up tomorrow. He's turning 50 this year. If he or his wife read this, I wish him many more years, and wanted to tell him. 50 isn't so bad.


Outside my door ... I got the door open to let in the fresh, rains washed air and spring scents. I'll need to charge my camera battery soon and take more pictures. Every day I see some new flower or leaf that has popped up.


The dogs ... had a nice morning outside. Once Macon realized that he was not going to get to wrestle with Rocky, decided that the yard needed a hole in it. I scolded him for that. I know, it's a dogs' nature to dig. I also know how much they both need some "outside" time. A bit of sunshine goes a long way in a dogs health. Goes a long way in mine as well.


The Kittens ... Two are in Kitty jail, again. they just will not stay off the kitchen counter and they know they are going to get into trouble jumping up there. It's bad enough that they want to jump bed to bed, to the bathroom,, back to the bathroom, back on the beds,, run toward me, but you can see their little minds going "Um, No". and into a kennel with an open door, back out, tumbling over each other, back on the bed, across to the other bed. back to the bathroom, up on the counter to stop and look outside.. then race back to the kennel and then back to the beds for more jumping. no wonder they sleep so well in the afternoons.


From the kitchen... Last night was hamburgers at a local burger stand. We got there just in time as since as soon as we got ours, someone else walked up and were told they were closing. I got corn nuggets and they were great. Perfectly done. Jerry got the fries.. I think I know where we will be going more often, now. Tonights dinner, hum... let me go look in the fridge and see... Steak. baked potatoes and salad. I'll put a fold up table outside and bake the potatoes in the roaster oven out there, May bake the steak at the same time. Of course we will have salad. I think our dessert will be watermelon.

 ( Change of plans, Baking the potatoes in my rice cooker, to see if that will work, still having steak, but will cook it in a skillet, Salad is made already, and still plan on watermelon)

I am hearing... The timer ticking, Rachel Ray on the tv. a disel truck next door. Some birds chirping and traffic on 43.

 (5:30) Evening News

I am wearing... Gray Sweat pants, (may chaange to shorts later) and a blue flowered top ( didn't change didn't get too hot today)

I am reading... emails

There are three drive ways into the R.V. Park. Close to the north one is a dirt road. I was told that a Hunt Club ownes the land. It's not posted, but I stay on the road with the dogs and don't go very far. I took thses pictures yesterday while I was taking the dogs out for the afternoon. Mr Robert was doing some weedeating around the campers and I didnt want the dogs to go nuts over the noise so I took them for a short walk. By the time we got back Rober was done with the weed eater, but he was still in the park. There are some white flowers in this one but they look gray in the picture. I "think" it's flowers for some Raspberries or Black Berries.. I hope so. I know that some clubs will lure in wildlife by encouraging wild berries and if these are, I'll gather me a couple of cups worth. As we were walking, I would stop and snap a picture. Not just sure what I "caught" in most of them. So this is a mystery picture. As you can see. the road has a few area's with a bank on the side of the road. I need to take a closer picture of the leaves, I think it's an Oak. This is the other side for the picture above. A difference from side to side to be sure. Lots of pine trees here. There is a paper mill on the other side of Jackson than were we are, but yes, if the wind is right we can smell it. As Jerry said.. it smells like "Money" since he's worked in a few of them. This is a "funny" looking pine tree. It's straight up. No branches starting on it yet. Again, I need to take a closer picture. The dogs were so excited to be out walking that I had little chance to get really close to most of the plants I wanted to take a close up of. Along the main track, are several short tracks. more like parking area's than any thing else. already being over-grown with brush and scruff. Here is where I turned around with the dogs. I held my camera above my head and took a picture of the down-hill side of the road. Maybe in a few days I'll walk down this part, then again, maybe not.

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