Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Today... April 28, 2011

For Today... April 28, 2011
Good Morning... We didn't have much weather last night but further up north got hit hard by it. I havn't heard how our friends in tuscaloosa faired. The town was hit hard by the tornados.  We got wind and a little rain. Today is much cooler and dryer.
Jerry got a call from McCoy and he's going to make a phone call this morning, to see if he can find a different job to go to.  This one sounds promising, though. In an area we've been through and much more money and for 3 years. If we get on that, we will try to rent a small house and fix up or trade up the camper. We have seen a couple of campers with pull outs that we like and just need to save up enough money.  Jerry is not happy with this job at all.  It's not that this is the supervisor's job (It is) but that he won't "Man up" and take responsibility for any mistakes he makes. He really does not know how to tell someone what he expects and how he would like it done. When a mistake is made, he says he was not understood.
Still watching the news and hoping that the national news will be able to show more of Tuscaloosa so I can tell if areas friends lived in are not the areas hit by the tornadoes. I'm worried about June and Pete. Where they are is just off the interstate and altough a bit lower doesn't make it any safer. When we were last in Tuscaloosa, we went to the rv park and it was all but empty. Only one still there that we knew was a young man who was just starting out on his own. Jerry had helped him with a couple of things on his very old camper.
I talked to both girls.  No news is good news from David. So, far as I know all is well with everyone. Bailey has no school today. Not sure why it was canceled, though. Could just be because some back roads are undrivable. Seems the worst of the weather was all on the tops of the mountains surrounding Heather yesterday.   I am so glade I got to talk to both of them today.
Beth is feeling a bit better. And Heather is still working nights. 
I was able to down load a few emails this morning. I will try to get on and down load the rest later on today. I saw a couple of questions directed to me, but wasn't able to answer them right off.

Outside my door ... Cooler, dryer and some high white clouds. Compaired to yesterday, Nice.  Can hope that the rest of this week and the weekend can stay as nice.
The dogs ... Rocky is in Doggy jail. He just will not stay out of my way. I tried to vacum the floors and had to run the vacum right up to him to get him to move. I tried to get him to stay on my bed and he refused, instead he would come right back and get under my feet.
The Kittens ... Two kitties are in kitty jail. I turned around and they were laying on both laptops. Now, I understand that they love to lay on something that is warm, but that was just too much. Luckly Jerry's was turning off and I had only one document open. Yes it had some strange writtings going on, but nothing that control z couldn't take care of.
From the kitchen... It's pay day so we will eat out. Jerry said most likely at the Mexican place we ate at over the weekend.  I'll check the hot bar a bit closer before we order anything. Last time, I didn't realise they had Crab legs on it. And shrimp.
I am hearing... Aritha Franklin singing on "The View".  She looks great. Said she didn't have the bariatic surgury but having some sort of surgury made her lose a lot of weight. That and eating whole foods and getting away from the high fat foods.
I am wearing... Dark Grey shorts and a white tshirt. I'll change into sweat pants and a different shirt whenn we go out to eat this evening.
I am reading... "Letters from a Woman Homesteader".

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