Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 (am)

Good Morning... It's 6 am and I'm up. Why is it, we can be gone one day and come back and the whole camper needs a througho cleaning? I have one bag of trash already and will have at least two more (grocer sized bags that is)  Rocky is sleeping on the couch beside me. He rarely does this. but I'm warm and he maybe feeling a bit of a chill due to shedding a bit early.
I found only one whole shell while we were in the Gulf waters.  The sand is so cleaned that even shell shards are hard to find. I want to make a shadow box for it, and will include the pictures of Jerry and I in the waters.  I should have thought to pick up a jar of sand. It just never crossed my mind to do so.
I have a cola problem. It's not that I drink a whole lot of it.. well, compaired to some other people I know that is. I drink less than a 2 liter bottel a day. 3 two liters will usually last me a week where as Jerry drinks at least one a day and more since I know he's buying cola on his way in to work as well. The problem is... around here, it's hard to find Diet Dr Pepper.  Walmart didnt have it, Dollar General didn't have, both being sold out. We found 3 bottles of it at Pic and Sav. W bought those last three. When we stopped for drinks on the way to the beaches, I ended up with Diet A&W Root Beer.  I'll drink diet Mt Dew but that's about it. I'll take Diet Coke if I have to but will pass by Diet Pepsi.
Outside my door ... The sun hasn't come up just yet. I hear the morning songs of  birds so I Know it will be up soon. The windows are a bit foggy so I cant' see the color of the sky to well. Looks like that light gray, almost blue that forcasts a clear, bright day. Our high is suppose to be in the middle 70's today.
The dogs ... Like I said, Rocky is sleeping cuddled up beside me. Macon is on the blankets on Jerry's bed. I'll have to make him move when I make the beds this morning.
The Kittens ... Had their time out of the kennel this morning but are back in. I figured out that if I let them out to drink and potty, then put them back in to eat a bowl of kitten food, and leave them in for a couple of hours they are much better behaved than if I don't. I am trying hard to break a couple of bad habits.. and they have figured out if they are bad they are put in the kennel. I no longer toss in food to get them into the kennel but will chase each and every one down to put them in.
From the kitchen... Pork chops, rice, salad, green beans, jello with Pineapple in it.
We also have some donuts that I may have with our meal as well
I am hearing... Birds morning songs, News on the tv, when we get a signel, Rocky snoring.
I am wearing... Still in my blue house dress this morning. Will change into sweat pants here in a bit. Most likely will wear a white t shirt as well.
I am reading... Still working on "The Greatest Knight" I need to finish it up.
I am creating...
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Plan on keeping the laundry caught up this week. So far the plan is to leave here Saturday and move up to Clarksville TN. It's on the Tennesse Kentucky state lines. About 400 miles from here. It will be a long drive. we will also try to make a stop in Tuscaloosa and pick up a few things. I need to make a list.  I'll put my sewing machine in the van (it's small) and if I can't find the power cord for it, will leave it in storage. Need to pick up the table, see if we have any camp chairs left, pick up the window air unit. (can always sell if it we have to) and our table top propane grill so we can cook outside in the heat of summer, if the "front" is on the shady side of the camper. Even if its' not, I can still cook with it. I want to pick up either a huge umbrella and stand or another canape this year. I miss sitting in the shade in the early mornings.

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