Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5

Hello. I hope and pray that you are doing well. I also hope that you are Finding signs of Spring all around you.  Some of the flowers are in bloom around here that I'm so use to seeing later in the season.  I love it but also know that, once bloomed they will be gone for another year.
My pets like this weather a lot. The dogs get to be outside more. The kittens sit in the windows more and try to excape to the outside.. which all four managed to do while we were away from the camper a bit this morning. Yes, I said we. Hubby was laid off yesterday. Not sure why he wasn't laid off last Friday. We are still waiting to hear about any other jobs that are going on. Still hope for something before the end of this week.  Hubby has been using today to make sure all the stuff for our hitch is set up right and that we will be ready to just take down the over head stuff, remove the lines that we attache.. water line, sewer line and power line.  I figure that it will take about two hours total to do that what with him doing the outside stuff and me the inside stuff.. Still want to pick up some cardboard boxes so taking the stuff off the shelfs can be more organized. Boxes that I can just slice the tape on and fuld back up and then store under the beds or in a closet away from the kitties.

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