Monday, April 4, 2011

For Today... April 4, 2011

Good Morning... I hope you slept well last night. We left the vents and windows open last night.. it was wonderful. It didn't get cool unitl after we got up at 4 am.  And then it wasnt all that bad. Now tonight. we are expected to go down to 38 so I doubt we will have any open windows or vents.
The dogs were asking to go out, so I took them out even though it was raining. This is the best kind of rain. It's not a cold rain. A gentle shower that I am more use to having in May. We went across the wooden bridge (yea, it's slick ) and found a place in the brush that was fairly dry so they could do their deed. And came back with no pulling or fussing and they were just good dogs.
the kittens are subdued this morning compaired to other mornings. The gray skies may have something to do with that.. or the fact that I bought two plastic shoe boxes and put litter in them for last night. I'll be doing that more often and I'll have to hope that soon they will learn to not scatter the litter all over each kennel at night. but Litter is easier to clean up that poo and pee.  Jerry was very nice to me and did the cleaning of the kennels over the weekend. He wondered why I was using the hose that was here when we got here.. and stretched it to the site that was temporary closed off.. it's because I could not get our hose off our outlet... he had to come into the camper and get a pair of channel locks to get it off.. No duh. now he knows what I was talking about it being on too tight.  He got the hitch with the anti sway bars and has that part all ready to go (I think) Has the brake booster mounted in the van but doesn't have all the wires run to the back yet. Not sure what else he needs besides a fuse block and some more wire and to figure out where to run the wire at so I'm not tripping over it or the dogs chewing it. I know Jerry is worried about having that ready to go before the end of this week. He called me at 9, to let me know he has taken care of a problem we almost had in Missouri. He said that he would be lucky if they have enough work for this whole week. Still haven't heard yet if we are still going to Thomasville. He said last night he would look and see if he could find a campground/rv place closer than the one I found.  Good luck cause I've spent over 3 days looking for them.
Today is clean the camper day.. It's a mess, more so than normal weekend for some reason, this week. I haven't even started it. I've taken care of the catbox, showered, dressed and had my breakfast and meds. I also took an hour nap on the couch. I have to put away the clean clothes this morning before I can clean the bedroom.
I know I have a recipe for Alice Springs Chicken, I just can't find it. I wanted to fix that for dinner tonight. Now I'm off to find the recipe.
Outside my door ... gray skies and rain, but nice and warm and I have the door open as well as the vents and window.
The dogs ... Rocky is at my feet and Macon is on the floor in the bedroom.
The Kittens ... are out of the kennels and trying to look out all the windows. I've had to run them out of the living room window by the t.v. a few times this morning.. Ugh.
From the kitchen... Alice springs Chicken, Oven fried potatoes, Salad,  Green Beans, Cake
I am hearing... The View is on now.. I'm also hearing rigs as they leave here. A bit of a wind in the trees, and many birds are singing.
I am wearing... Brown sweat pants, my pooh top, red crocks.
I am reading... emails, recipes and crafts
Around the house...
made Jerry's breakfast
scooped the catbox
took the dogs out
turned on my computer
set up this journal page
type out recipe, Pink Ribbon Cookbook
Change signature for Mountainrose57
Post a recipe from "From our home to yours" to groups
post a recipe from "Pink Ribbon" to groups
med and breakfast
put shower mat over side of the tub
hang wet towels and washrags to dry
straighten up clean folded towels
post Crafts newsletter

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