Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath
Project courtesy of Coats & Clark Inc.

Craft Idea - Easter Wreath

Materials Needed:
RED HEART® Bulky Weight Yarn: RED HEART® "Baby Clouds™", Art. E710 (6 ounce solid/4.5 ounce multi-color skeins): 15 Ounces No. 9351 Tutti-Frutti.

Wire coat hanger
Large ribbon bow
Fine wire for securing bow or decorations
Hot glue gun and glue sticks for gluing decorations.


Shape wire hanger into an oval, then bend hook for the hanging loop.

Yarn Bundle (Make approximately 70): Wind yarn 20 times around a 4 in. piece of cardboard. Slip these strands off the cardboard. Then, with a separate 8 in. strand of yarn, tie strands together at center (see Figure 1); do not cut yarn loops.

figure 1 and 2Using the ends of the 8 in. strand, tie the bundle to the ring, positioning the bundle perpendicular to the wire (see Figure 2). If necessary, trim ends of 8 in. strand.

Make another bundle and tie to the ring adjacent to the previous bundle. Continue to make bundles and tie them to the wire in the same way, positioning each bundle against the previous bundle and working around the ring until the entire wire ring is filled.

Wind yarn or fine wire around sections that can be hidden of the bow or other decorations and tie (twist wire) around wire ring base. Glue smaller decorations in place.


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