Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10.

It's a beautiful Day in Lower Alabama otherwise knows as LA.. At least when my older kids were still in high school would refer to this area as LA.

A few pictures I've taken today.

Our Camper. Notice the fence behind it.. nice isn't it? Just missed seeing two of the kittens looking out to see what we were doing..

I don't know why I wanted the railroad tracks. I just did. I really wanted to be in the center to take the picture but my timing was off a bit.

A church at the end of a road. Didn't even find out which church. it's in Jackson Alabama.

See that stuff hanging off the tree? I was always told it's Spanish Moss. Not very moss like, now is it? It's all over the place here. Some trees have small clumps of it. some have larger clumps of it. I would like to have some. but I understand that I would have to bake it first, because of bugs.

Here is more of the hanging moss. Way back when... when we lived in Fort Mill South Carolina there was a tree in town that had this on it.. I loved walking past that tree. It had a peaceful feel to it.

And another tree with the hanging moss on it.. In a park close to a lock (or so the signs tell us) We went down the road but we didn't find the lock. We may look again for it.

At the bottom of my page is a picture of the kittens sleeping between Jerry and I,. here is an updated picture of them. They don't fit so well any more.

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Caroline said...

Lovin' the pics, Billie! What beautiful peaceful scenery you have. Living in your van must be lovely... being able to move, and knowing you always have a 'roof over your head!
Keep taking pics Billie and putting them on your blog as they always round out what you are doing! A good balance! Thanks again!
Love Caroline, your NZ friend!