Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Today...April 26, 2011

Good Morning... I keep trying to get a connection. I get a few seconds sometimes. Some times when I get on "David" there is no connection to the internet. I do hope that Jerry gets a call to a different job soon. He's not apt to move the camper once we get it set, just for internet or cable tv. Too much hassle to do it for some conviences.
We have been put on "hold" for the job in Clarksville.  Jerry is at the top of the list for hiring Electrictions, but no idea when that will be.  Things have been going a little better on this job, but not by much. It was a quiet, long day for him yesterday.
 Morning clouds and afternoon dark clouds.. Now that it's evening, blue skies.  We had a few drizzly showers this morning. They were more mist than rain drops, really. I took the dogs for their morning walk, after I had my shower this morning and Macon wanted to roll and roll in the damp grass. Rocky was more content to smell and try to follow some trail. We stopped and spoke to Marty a minute. His back has been bothering him a bit. He had a stroke about two years ago and although he's doing better it doesn't look like he'll ever be able to work again. He's my age. He was born in Feburary while I was born in October in 1957.  The Kittens are really pushing the buttons this day.  yesterday was bad enough when they spent more than 1/2 the day in the kennels.  Today wasn't like that but the troubles they got in to are much worse.  I'll have to speak to Jerry about where he keeps the camcorder.  They mananged to pull the strap off the shelf, then they tried swinging on the strap, until it fell to the floor. I just hope they didn't damange it any. All four are in the kennal until he gets home tonight.
Dinner tonight is the left over Ham from Easter, Alfredo noodles and a salad. It will be the last of the greens for the salad. I'll still have part of a green pepper and a cucumber to fix for tomorrow night's dinner, I think. I fixed up some Lime Jell-o with pineapple but we may have watermelon instead.. or we could have both.. just depends on what Jerry wants.
We are still waiting for a phone call. Jerry was told that he's at the top of the list but who knows when they will start to do the Electrical on this job they want him on.
I have lost my MP3 player. I think it may be under the couch where I can't see or reach it without laying on the floor. It has FM radio abiliy and after 2 pm until 5 pm there isn't anything worth watching on the tv for me.  I know there are a couple of soaps on ABC but why should I start watching them since they will be off the air this fall and winter... just not worth the time to get into them.  I was disappointed when they took of "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light" and so I know how those who watch the shows going off this year feel. I still refuse to watch the game show that was put on in place of one of the soaps, I do watch "The Talk".. well I woundn't call it watching as much as it's one and I hear it. I'm still not all that sure I'll stick to it much longer.  I'm still waiting for them to really gell as a group. I still hear a lot of talking over each other and that riles me. At least on "The View" Elizabeth has stopped trying to be louder then everyone else and give the other ladies time to state their view before she gives her thought on what ever they are talking about.
I've been wearing shorts for two weeks now.  I bought a pack of white tshirts (3x) just before we left Tupelo and I'm sure glade I have them. They are much cooler than the other tops I have on hand. I had to take over 1/2 of my shirts and put them into a rag bag. It was getting to the point that I just didnt' want to wear anything I had because everything has stains on them. I picked up 4 nice tops as well as the tshirts.  While we were at the beach the Satureday before Easter, we each got a pair of swimming shoes. I think they are finally dry. I loved the last pair I had and wore them all the time. It was almost like going bare foot.
I finished up reading "The Greatest Knight" and then read "The Choice" in two days.  I started another book today, but now I've forgotten the title.
While I was walking the dogs I have noticed some Blackberries are about to become ripe enough to pick and eat. That is, if I can beat the birds to them. The honeysuckle is in full bloom and I love the scent of that and will walk the dogs by the ditch just so I can get a good wiff of them each morning. I am too far south for the wild Wisteria I think. I sure miss it.  There is a tall brush with clusters of white flowers on it. They are about done as well. I have seen a couple of thistle in bloom here and will kill it when I see it. As nice as it is to look at, it's not a nice weed to keep. It got lots of spikes on it and can over run a field in no time.
I really do need to find "something" to work on while I'm not as able to get on line as I would like. I'm still waiting to find out if Beth is going to have a girl or a boy.  In a way, I hope for a boy, but as long as it's healthy it don't really matter in the long run. She's going to have a baby shower the end of July and Jerry told her we will try to be there so I'll have to work fast on anything I want to give her at the shower.

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