Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9

It's another hot and humid day today. I'm in shorts and a white tshirt. I'm so glade I picked up a pack of tshirts before we left Tupelo.

Ants !!!  Ugh,, ants every where !!!  So many and they want to make their home in My home.  Back in the bathroom. is a cubby hole over the John.. Not a large hole and it's got a black curtain in front of it.  And I guess this colony thought it was perfect.. i wanted in there and every thing on one side was cover in ants so deep it was black in there. I grapped a can of spray and sprayed, took some things out and sprayed again.. that's when I found the white.... livestock? either that or unhatched ant's .not sure which and, to tell the truth, don't care which. They don't belong in my house, in my bathroom.
When Jerry called that he was on his way home, I asked him to pick up another can of bug spray. and it's about 1/2 gone already as I spray every time where I see more ants.  Took the trash out, after spraying it for ants as well. Ugh.. hate the crawly things.  At least these are not Fire Ants.

I spoke to Beth for about an hour this morning, Just chit chat.
She wanted to know if Dad was home.. her car was making sloshing sounds.  They had three heavy rain storms last night. And I think rain got into the area her convertible top goes in to.
she had Called L as well and he said the same thing. Her floor boards were damp as well but she knew she had a bad window seal and wants to get that fixed soon.
Don't know how long Jerry is working today.. could be anywhere from 6, 8, 10 to 12 hours. Depends on if any equiipment comes in. Yesterday, he said he was removing the sides off of forms. That's normally Carpenter's work but as he said.. as long as he's getting paid, he'll do what ever job he's told to do that he's able to do.
I went over to the "convience" store next door.. it's a repair shop - gas station - and store.. more repair shop that any thing else really. I picked up a  Diet Raspberry Mountain Dew. It wasn't too bad but it's not what I expceted either. I didn't see any Diet Dr Pepper. I really wanted to just check out what all may be there. Looked like stale corn dogs that were over cooked. and not much else. I'll have to be sure to pick up just about all our snack foods at the store as well as our drinks. 
I've cleaned up the Ant mess in the cubby hole. was getting ready to go wash some rags when I recalled that the laundry soap is still in the van. I'll have to pull it out after Jerry gets home.
I have a dumb kitten.  I got me a drink of water, full glass of water, ya know.. and since it didn't get out from under my feet, dribbled water on him... and he didn't move. so I dribbled some more and he just looked up at me while I'm dribbling more water on him.. took a bit before he got up. then moved to the rug, by my feet. and I'm still dribbling water on him.. I guess he was hot enough that the water felt good on him.
I have been avoiding turning on the air conditioner but it looks like I'm going to have to give in and turn it on anyway. it's just not going to be comfortable much longer without some shade over head.

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Anonymous said...

eesh we have Bees, Yellow jackets are all over, so we knock down the hives, but we have to watch it Son (Jacob) Is allergic :(

if you see ant hill sprinkle cinnamon :)