Thursday, April 14, 2011

For Today... April 14, 2011

Let my rambling thoughts loose, Let me ramble on and on, never knowing where my thoughts may take me, and never knowing where they will remain.
Today is payday.  I will have to make a list of things to pick up for this next week from the stores.  Burger, I know.. potatoes I think. Eggs for sure, and milk, and bread, as well. Those are always a given.  Jerry's cola, and some for me as well. Maybe a sweet or two, but we don't really need those, to be sure.  Of course fresh vegetables for salad. Can't forget that. And fruit if I see any that apeals to me, since I'm more apt to eat it than Jerry is. I had just picked up pet foods so don't need any of that. Don't need litter for the catbox either. Got plenty of laundry soap, and softner as well. Dish soap I do need, though.
I thought I'd be leaving the dogs out this morning but they want to bark at the neighbors so they are back inside after only a few minutes. The kittens were put back in the kennel not long after Jerry left for work this morning, already in trouble for jumping up to the stovetop. Now that they are out again, they are playing with the dogs' food. have some scattered on the floor and playing hockey with a few pieces of it.  Once they tire of the game, they will eat the piece of food. but it takes them a while at time to get that tired.. on the other hand, if they irratate Rocky enough with it, he'll go over and eat that piece and make them go find another.
Making me a pot of coffee this morning.  I'm about 1/2 way through my bottle of water already.

Outside my door ... cloudy but warm. A good day, really since the camper isn't heating up much. 
The dogs ... Are resting from their outing this morning. Not that we went far of that they played that hard.. they just like to sleep alot during the day.
The Kittens ... smokey is in Kitty Jail for doing high jumps.. not up, but across.. He climbed up the hanging clothes on Jerry's side closet and then, after making sure I was watching, jumped into the top shelf in the closet on My side. I have books up there and I dont want kitties sleeping on them. the rest are now asleep on Jerry's bed, but not before they had a gay ol time, jumping bed to bed and picking on both dogs. Rocky was sleeping on Jerry's bed and two of them started playing with his ears. He got up and jumped to my bed and both jumped over with him. He then jumped back to Jerry's bed and again they followed him.. and he came in and laid down in one of the kennels.. they walked away from him cause they didn't want to be in with him. (He farts some awful smelling ones sometimes, when he's sleeping)
From the kitchen... Pay Day.. eating out night.  We have to make a stop at Walmart to cash the check so we will eat out. Not sure just where as there isn't much choice, yet.
I am hearing... the tv. the trash being picked up, traffic on 43 and the fan blowing across me.
I am wearing... blue jean shorts and a light gray tshirt
I am reading... I read 4 chapters of The Greatest Knight this morning.
I am thinking... I would really like to go to the Gulf. I've never been, that I know of and would like to say I have at least stuck my toes in the waters.

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