Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

A peek through the tree's.

I know, you can't see too well

but there's rolling hills around here.

Jerry came home so tired yesterday that He stayed up a while longer than I did. I know he was hurting as well. We had steak, salad and baked potatoes for dinner last night as well as the watermelon we bought from Pik-n-sav. It was good.

The weather is just delightful again this morning and I have opened up all the windows and vents and the door. Suppose to be around 80, so we will see if I end up turning on the air this afternoon or not.


I've gotten the back of the camper daily cleaning done already.. all but vacuming the floors that is. I'll need to vacum the front and will do them all at the same time. I have one load of jeans in the dryer and another in the washer. Only doing two loads today, and will do blankest tomorrow. I may need to also wash Jerry's pillos as well. they could use it. Hard to believe that it's been almost a year since I bought all new pillows and these are really still in great shape. A good washing and drying will do them some good.

The kittens are doing their usual. Trying to get the dogs in trouble. Jumping from bed to bed, almost jumping on Macon. He's given them "The Look" a couple of times already. I will not get on him if he scotches at them this time. While I was taking the dogs for their morning outing, I took the trash out with me as well. then we walked down the right a way a bit. They did what they needed and I checked the wash room door on our way back to see if I would need the key or not. I have got to remember to take something for my back BEFORE I carry the tub to the wash room, not after. We saw Hunter out but I didn't let the dogs visit this time.

 I charged my camera battery so I'll take it out next time I go out and take a few pictures.

 I'll fix chicken for dinner tonight. We found some Chicken breast for a great price over the weekend. not sure how I'll fix it yet. but was thinking of maranating in some dressing, then using the Forman to grill them. I need to make rice tonight and that may be too much and trip a breaker. We'll see. Of course I could cook the rice off a different breaker, one in the back. I have an extention cord so I could stretch it to the front. Most likely that is what I'll do. I won't start the chicken to cook until Jerry calls me. I'll make the salad ahead and keep it in the fridge. think I'll make banana pudding for dessert. I'll used crushed graham crackers for the crust. that will be good.

 Just texted with Beth a bit. She's still feelling a b bit weak. She goes to see her OB this afternoon. i know she's hoping for a release for work.


Outside my door ... Another great looking day. Temp's not too high, yet. Over night wasn't too cool. Only some high clouds in the sky. Nothing that looks like rain. We may have more clouds this afternoon and evening but thats good because there isnt much shade on the camper. (tin can on wheels)



The dogs ... Are resting on my bed after spending about an hour outside on their lines and then, after comeing in, having the kitties try to get them both in troubles.


The Kittens ... When I came back from switching the laundry out.. one of the kittens was at the box of dog treats that "one" of them had knocked off the bookcase. since I'm not sure it was the one who knocked it off, I couldn't rightly punish it. But as I turned around, one of the others was in the kitchen Sink.. I grabbed it and tossed it into the kennel (Kitty Jail) and now it's meowing because it's all by it's self in there.


From the kitchen... chicken grilled in the Forman. Salad, Rice and banana pudding for dessert


I am hearing... Danial Boone on the tv. Retro T.V.


I am wearing... Black sweatpants cut into shorts, a white tshirt.


I am reading... emails


I am thinking... I need to make a list of things to pick up this week, and next. We are getting by. but until Jerry gets a full pay check things will be a bit tight, again.

I am hoping... that Jerry has Sunday off. He's so tired already. He's applying for other jobs. He said this job is all messed up.


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