Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

Jerry had to word 12 hours yesterday.  I missed him those two extra hours. I had to eat before he got home, but we did share dessert together. I made chili mac as it's easy, quick and reheats well. 
Oh man.. found a wet spot on my bed.. not sure if it's from the dogs' slobber or if one of the kittens did it.. Grrr. I have to do laundry tonight anyway so the sheets will get washed. The cat box was not That Bad.   Woke up to the dog food scattered across the floor. Seems the kittens think dog food is now a toy for them to bat around all night long.
Dinner will be out tonight since we had planned on it last night but that got postponed. We have to stop by Walmart anyway, so I'll be picking up a few things. 
Outside my door ... Cool but sunny. Our high is to be in the upper 40's today. but Man.. it looks like Sunday is going to be another winter storm. I asked Jerry if he had asked the man three doors down if he could ride with him in bad weather.. and Jerry forgot. I don't know what he'll do about it.
The dogs ... Are now sleeping, After the kittens decided they were fun to play with. Up on the bed, off the bed, bat at a tail. run over the top of both dogs. And the dogs put up with all of it. I'm hoping that our walks will be a bit longer, just so the dogs can have some peace from the kitties. They are good dogs. putting up with all these antices of the little ones.  I bet, when I look back there again all 6 will be asleep together in one big heap.
The Kittens ... Read the dogs entry, first.  Playing with the dog food. Playing with the ball, Getting into the trash. Setting on the top shelf of the closet.. jumping from bed to bed and back again. Chasing up and down the hallway. knocking my mouse off the arm of the couch. Under the table by the couch.. into the stuff on Jerry's side of the couch.. over the back of the couch. Behind the blinds over Jerry's bed, and then the one behind the couch.. fighting through the slates of the blind in the bathroom.. whew. no wonder they sleep most of the day.
From the kitchen... Eating out, tonight.  I'll have to cut Jerry's breakfast sausage, for his breakfast tomorrow. Easier to do it the day before than wait until morning. need to clean out the fridge and see just what we have and what needs tossed.
I am hearing... Morning news, fan on the heater, kittens running up and down the hallway.
I am wearing... dark Grey sweat pants light grey T-shirt with Waikiki on it. although I've never been to Hawaii, I would like to go, one of these days.
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Robert Louis Stevenson

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