Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Good Morning
I hope you slept well. I know I did. I got in two good walks around this campground yesterday and that may have helped me sleep so soundly. I got most of the camper cleaned up. I just got caught up with trying to catch up on my emails and forgot to get up and do the work. I'll have to pay more attention to the camper and less to the internet.. both tend to run away with me.
I pulled some rough ground beef out of the freezer last night, but I'm not sure just what I'm going to do with it.. I'll have to see if I have a boxed dinner up in the cupboard.. if not, I can always either make spegettie with it. or a mac and cheesey thing. Man oh man how I wish I had my Mom's slumgullium recipe.. I would have to hide the onion that's in it, but other wise. But since I didn't find my recipe cards last time I was in Missiouri and my younger brother still has her recipe box. I may never have all my growning up recipes again.
My younger brother was suppose to be make copies of the cards, then send them to me. along with Mom's recipe books. I haven't heard from him for 3 years now. I do send some jokes to his email address but I have no idea if he's reading them or not.
Today's plans are... clean up the camper (got the bathroom done already) walk the dogs a couple of times. read more emails. Make dinner. And I really should start knitting on a scarf I wanted to make. I'm thinking I'll have to start turning off the computer when Jerry's home at night, or at least for 2 hours of that time. and work on knitting instead.
May you be blessed today

Outside my door ... (7:30) the sky is lighting but the sun isn't up, just yet. going to be in the 50's today, which is about normal for this area for this time of year. Very pleasent walking temps for sure. We will have some cloud cover all day, though.

The dogs ... Are being pestered by the kittens. They are asleep on my bed and the kitties are jumping from bed to bed.. and if Macon wags his tail, it's attacked. One of the kitties, Strips I think, caught the tail with a sharp little claw and Macon let Strips know that's not nice.

The Kittens ... Are keeping the dogs awake. Smokey came to me last night when we got back from Walmart.. he had a problem.. some how, he got his leg through his collar. then he wanted me to love on him.. and I did, but I was ready to stop long before he was ready for me to stop and we had to come to an understanding that when I say "stop" I mean it.

From the kitchen... going to make some thing out of some Rough Ground up Beef. most likely some Mac and Cheese with it

I am hearing... Morning news on the tv.

I am wearing... Grey sweat pants and a blue flowered top

I am reading... Magazine I picked up from the laundry mat. I need to scan and save the articals I want to keep and then return it when we go back this next Friday

Billie C.

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

William Feather

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