Thursday, January 13, 2011

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For Today...Jan 13, 2011
Good Morning.  Man oh man it's COLD outside !! we got  down to 12 last night. For this area that's really cold.  these little box heaters are working very hard to keep it somewhat warm in here. I'm wearing layers today.  Trowser socks under my cotton socks which go up to me knees, which are under my sweat pants. a tshirt under a sweat shirt under a light jacket.  I have two pot of water on the stove. one for tea for Jerry's lunch tomorrow and one to just have some dampish heat in here.. the sun is out but not up high enough yet to aid in the warming of the camper.
That first outings with the dogs, was to the back of the camper and less than 3 minutes. They don't want anything to do with being out in the Cold.
It was soo cold that our door froze shut and Jerry had to kick it to open it.. He broke the handle off. Some of it is still there but it's much shorter and for a bit, I was afraid that either I wouldn't be able to get out, or that I wouldn't be able to get the door to close again.. Lucky I can do both.. matter of fact, it's now easier to get the door closed as before we had to lift the handle to get it to close all the way.  But temper is not to way to fix things.
Well Durn IT !!!!!
The fix that Jerry did, didn't stay fixed.. the hose that he put over a piece of copper slipped off..problem is, he has the tools with him so I can't fix it either. I would if I could, since I can see what it is and it's just slipped off. All I would have to do it loosen the worm clamps, slip it all back together, then tighten the worm clamps again.. but I can't because Jerry put all the tools in the van when he finished up, instead of giving me back my tools. I have enough water for the day, as I can always do the dishes tomorrow. So I'm ok in the water department for the day. Enough for me to cook my lunch with, and drink and enough for the pets as well.  And I can flush a few times if needed, with what water I have on hand.  That is one reason I keep cola and juice bottles of water around,, just for inconviences like this one.  I'm thinking I better keep more water bottles in the bathroom, for a while at least.
Outside my door ... It's sunny but COLD. our high is to be just at freezing today so I doubt we will see the last of the snow yet.  Most of the schools in the area are back in, but on a delayed schedual.  It's hard to believe that we will be back in the 50's by the end of the weekend.. that will melt the rest of this ice and snow.
The dogs ... Are sleeping on my bed. I pulled the coveres over them, and they stayed that way for about 1/2 an hour. Rocky was the first to get out from under the blanket but Macon was out not long after. They don't like this cold. although they thought we were going out, again, when I put on my jacket. Nope, not yet, let's let the sun come up and start to work first kiddo's.
The Kittens ... Are sleeping in the top of the closets. How they are getting up in the one on Jerry's side I have no idea. they climb up the clothes I have hanging on my side to get up there. But they want to push things out of their way and that makes me get upset with them. I know they want to be warm but they don't need to do that.
From the kitchen... Payday.. don't know if we are going out or not, just yet. I'll have to text Jerry and see if he want's to go out or eat at home.
I am hearing... Morning News, water boiling, fan on the heater running
I am wearing... brown sweat pants and a whiteish sweat shirt, Jacket on top of that.
I am reading... emails and recipes. two chapters of the Bible.
I am thinking... We always seem to have the most break downs in the coldest of winter and hottest of summer. so maybe the rest of winter will not be so cold, now.
Billie C.
most steps 72045 l, yesterday 3851

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