Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Good Morning
Man, it's cold outside. Last I heard we were at 18F. Jerry took care of the water leak last night. it's still got a drip and the bathroom carpet is not drying up but he said he'll have to wait for it to warm up before he can stop the drip. That will be this weekend.
I have the lamp that is normally over my bed, at the hole in the back of the camper that opens to where the water lines are, to help keep the pipes from freezing.. It worked. We still have running water. I have a pan of water on the stove top to help bring in some humidy in here as well a some heat. We will have this same weather tomorrow and tomorrow night, but then we are headed back up into the 50's again. Lee county schools are closed yet again today. I am glade that Hershel let Jerry come home at 4 to fix the water leak. I'm sure he wanted Jerry to stay, but we needed to fix the water leak, to save the rest of the waterlines from freezing overnigh. I'm sure Jerry will be cold, hungry and tired when he gets home tonight. The job was suppose to finish up this week, accordind to the orginal contract, but I think it's been extended by two weeks and Jerry says that's not long enough, either.  So we may have work for until the end of the month. I sure hope so. Don't know what happens at the end of this job. I'm hoping Hershel will want Jerry on his next job, as well.
Outside my door ... COLD!!! 18 is cold. But, the sun is suppose to come out and the solar heating will help keep the camper comfortable. I think I'll be drinking lots of hot tea today. We still have some snow around. It's slowly been melting and the dogs are not sure if they like the cold stuff still, or not. Rocky is getting much faster at doing what he's outside to do, then head back to the house. Macon still wants to play though.
The dogs ... Macon wants to play in what snow is left. He still wants to run and jump and roll in the stuff. Rocky just wants back into the house and back onto one of the beds to warm up again. Macon was a pain in Jerry's backsides last night. Jerry went to bed early and I had to call Macon off of his bed 3 to 4 times before I headed to bed.  I had to get up in the middle of the night and Jerry's feet were in the hallway. Macon had pushed Rocky over and was slowly pushing Jerry off his own bed. I know Rocky at scotched at Macon before I got up, so I put Macon on a kennel for the rest of the night.  At one time, I had Rocky with me, because Macon had pushed him off Jerry's bed. And I had woke up once, looked over at Jerry's bed and Rocky was on the edge of the bed, close to Jerry's chest. Usually the kittens sleep there. I heard Rocky fall onto the floor not long after that. That's when he got in bed with me.
The Kittens ... Because there was a light on in the bathroom were up half the night playing. Chasing and running and jumping.. once I know of, they jumped on Jerry's bed and must have caught Macon's ear or tail cause he barked at them. I could hear them on the back of the couch, in the blinds. Then they were back in the bathroom, in those blinds. One of the kitties, caught my foot with claws on one of their runs down the hallway.. when I spoke up.. they left me alone.. I threated to put them all in a kennal for the rest of the night. don't tell me that kittens and dogs don't understand just what I was saying. Sometime during the night, they knocked the cover for Jerry's cell phone off the shelf on his side of the couch. I had to move a couple of things to find it for him before Jerry left for work this morning. I wanted my kiss before he left for work anyway.
From the kitchen... Since we ate out last night, I'm debating either fish portions or something made with ground beef. Either way, I'm thinking of using the tabletop oven to also help put more heat in here so it's nice and warm when Jerry gets home from work.
I am hearing... the morning news on the tv. the fan blowing and the water dripping in the kitchen sink.Oh yeah,, and Macon fussing over something he hears outside.
I am wearing... Dark grey sweat pants. light blue sweat shirt. I have on two pairs of socks as well. Thinking of finding a hat to put on.
Billie C.
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