Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Today... Jan 19, 2011

 Good Morning

Jerry got off at 5:30 and that should be the normal for the next couple of weeks. He may even have both days of the weekend off. That would ge great.  Our dinner was Steak off the griddle, Alfredo noodles and peas. Dessert was sugar free pudding. I fixed me a small salad before he got home because he's thinking salad is giving him the runs. Not good when the port a pot is on the other side of the building from where your working at. Imodiam seems to be helping him out.  Once he gets straightened out. We will be adding in one item at a time, to see just what is doing this to himl. He said it could also be his 57 steak sauce. Just have no idea. 
I've changed up the dogs and my routine a bit. Instead of walking between 9 and 10 am. I'm walking them at 8 am.. then after the weather is on the noon day news. And again at 4 pm.  We still have our short walk around 8 pm as well.  That is adding in one more walk than what I was doing before. I also want to add more to our "route" to the walk at noon.  Will also try to add the route at 4 pm if I feel like I have enough energy.
We may have some snow Friday morning. I hope not, it's only a small chance, according to the news. From sounds of things, not enough to keep Jerry from work, now that we have 4 new tires on the van. Beth, on the other hand is getting socked today. Weather alert said 7 to 9 and her local news says that at least 9 but expect even more. She said she'll miss tonight most likely and may even miss the rest of this week. Not Good. She's trying to save up enough money to buy a good truck.
Oh oh.. I'm proud of the dogs!! yesterday, as we were taking our 4 pm walk, we walked past a drive along that was coming in. No stopping to smell. Just a quick look at the door as if to ask if we were going to go in and get a ride.  Did "busness" and we walked the long ways around back. The rig had been parked on the back row, and the man driving it was outside. He spoke to the dogs. and they didn't go ballistic !! How about that. Sure they wanted pettings and Rocky did pull a bit, but NO BARKING from Macon. they both got treats and praises because that is a first. Someone speaking to me and them being good (Great)
The kittens spent a lot of time in the kennal yesterday.  They just were getting in to too much. Running is one thing. I know they need to work off energy.. but pushing things off shelfs in not acceptable.  Right now they are jumping bed to bed. and then running the hallway races. playing with the dogs food dish, back to the bathroom, back to the living room. on the couch (until I yell) batting the dog food dish again (it's a cut off milk carton) back down the hallway. up on the beds, jump from bed to bed, just missing the dogs on my bed. Back off the bed (Rocky gave them "the Look")
Dinner tonight is going to be a boxed meal. Hash brown cheese something. (too lazy to go look at the box right now) and I'll fix a can of green beans and a jello dessert. most likly Orange with pineapple in it.

Outside my door ... It's still cloudy, but it's suppose to clear off this afternoon with a high in the upper 40's to low 50's. This morning's walk was just in a sweat jacket.(hoodie)  I can tell the days are getting longer. Although winter weather is to come back on Friday, it's not going to be too bad.
The dogs ... Yesterday was a very good day (read above) this morning, they both let me know that an earlier walk was needed.  But they both did good. Not too much pulling now. Walking at my pace and they seem to understand I have to stop and catch my breath a few times. not sitting as fast as they use to, could be because the ground is cold and still damp in places. 
The Kittens ...  Are entering that stage of running and getting into everything at once.  I've gotten a scrathing pad for them.  and a water bottle to squirt them when they are getting into things they don't need to be in, like the trash can. For a while, they will have to sleep in the kennal at night. They can now make it though the night without making a mess in the kennal and I'm tired of having to pick things up before I can even start Jerry's breakfast. it's much safer for them and us. Getting them is is fairly easy. toss in a hand full of kitten food. They run in after it. close the door. We now have one that doesnt' want to go in. She gets put in a kennal alone. She does not like that.
From the kitchen... Kitchen Creations meal. (Kroger's brand) with Ground Beef. Green beans. Jello with pineapple for dessert.
I am hearing... Morning news, the fan on the heater, the kittens running up and down the hallway.
I am wearing... Dark grey sweatpants, light blue Eagles Nest T-shirt
I am reading... recipes, emails, "Exiles of Virgina" (need to finish it up)
Billie C.
most steps 72045 l, yesterday 6361

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you
know they are always there

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