Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For Today... Jan 18, 2011

Good Morning
whew, was I tired by last night. I started off the day with taking Jerry to work. We stopped at Hardee's to pick up breakfast. Got to the job and while Jerry was signing in, Macon decided to bark.. poor man (guard) Jumped a mile and backed way away from the van. I kept telling him they are tied in the back but he didn't want to come close at all. Ate breakfast while in the parking lot. Once Jerry got out of the van the sky was starting to lighten so that made it a bit easier to see while driving out. I went to the laundry mat. Man was it messy inside.. which is good I guess as that means it was busy. The ladies who work there came in a few mintues after I got there and started cleaning up. They are good. I just missed having a free wash. One of the ladies handed me some quarters because the other two people who were there got free washes.
I left there, going back to the camper. I stopped just outside the entrance and one of the men who works with Jerry, had followed me in. I didn't think about it because it was time to walk the dogs. He came walking back around the van and started me a bit.. of course the dogs wanted to be petted and he jumped back as I closed the back doors. He just let me know he was making sure I was not broke down and that every thing was ok.. I said yeah. it's good. It's time to walk the dogs and I do it up here, when I can.  Oh... ok.  It's nice to know he's looking out for me, ya know.
Got to the camper after taking care of the dogs and letting the kittens out of the kennel.Called Jerry and said, since I'm getting the oil changed did he also want me to get the back tires changed and he said yeah, we may be on the road next week. (OH?)
 I stayed at the camper for a couple of hours ( wanted to watch Y&R ) then went to Walmart and got the oil done and the tires changed out. Picked up a few other things as well as my insulin.  I got two more pairs of sweat pants, some stuff to dump in the holding tank, window cleaner and a spray bottle (want to clean the outside windows this week) I also got a cat scratch pad that I can put some catnip in .and boy do these kittens like catnip.  wow. It took a bit longer than I expected to get the work on the van done and I had walked around Walmart twice before they were ready.  From there, I headed to Hancock Fabrics. I wanted some paisly printed material in either cotton or a cotton blend or some wool. Hancock's has a sale on, but I ended up leaving without any thing at all. I didn't find any material I wanted. I liked the wool but not that much. I may try going back in a week and looking again. I have to remember how much yardage I need for the skirt I want to make.
Jerry called just as I was giving up on finding any material and asked if I was still at Walmart. No, but I can go back. He needs the strongest reading glasses they have and or a magnafying glass.. I picked up both.. he said that the print on the blueprints are way too small to read.
I went grocry shopping at Kroger's after I left Walmart. I spent just over $100 but I am re-stocking some things. I picked up two bags of rice and one of pinto beans so I can top that jar off. Picked up chips and pretzels for snacks this week. ground beef, ground pork and a couple of steaks for the rest of this week. I'll try to get the van next Monday unless Jerry has a day off this week.  Back to the camper. put away the foods, take the dogs out, let the kittens out of the kennel. Poor Rocky.. I had to put the kittens in with him while I was gone. That's when I set up the scratching pad for the kittens.  I put the kittens back into the kennel before leaving. Took the dogs with me to go get Jerry. Who had called me while I was food shopping to let me know they were getting off at 5:30. We almost didn't know what to do with two more hours.  We ate at Cici's pizza. Went to Best Buy, looking for new games to play on the computer. They don't have much of a selection at all. Jerry did find one he wanted to try. We looked at their mice but I'm not paying that price when I can get what I need at Walmart for much less. Came home. He set up his new game and we watched tv for a bit.
Now today. I've got to walk the dogs a bit more today so they can get that pent up engery out. Need to clean the camper. Put away the clean clothes, and figure out just what I want for dinner tonight.
Billie C.
most steps 72045 l, yesterday didn't wear the pedometer


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