Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Today... Jan 15, 2011

Good Morning
Wow, 1/2 the month has already gone by.  I had dinner all but ready, but we needed dog food and I know Jerry, once he's home he doesn't want to go out again. So he suggested we eat out.  I had just put the butter in the water for the instant potatoes.. Sure lets do that.  the meat was done, so I put it on a plate and in the fridge. Put a lid on the pot of water with butter. and poured the peas into a plastic container with a lid.  Easy enough to put away and fix tonight.  I need to find my glasses. I am not suppose to drive without them.
I "Had" a glass pie plate in the microwave oven to replace the turntable glass that broke a long time ago.. last night the pie plate broke. I didn't realize it was melting (yea, the glasss was melting) while I was trying to pop some popping corn in a paper bag.  I need Jerry to check out the floor of the microwave to see if the scorch spot is  ging to be a problem or not. I don't know how old this oven is. it came with the camper. but I'm thinking we are going to have to change it out.
Outside my door ...  The day is starting out grey and dreary, again. We are to get up in the upper 40's today, that should really help melt the snow that's left and turn everything into mud. I know it's only January but it would be nice if that's the last of the snow for this year.. I doubt we'll be that lucky.
The dogs ... Are spoiled. They love to sleep on the beds.. wether we are in them or not. Macon spent most of the night with me last night, until I finally got tired of him pushing my legs close to the cold wall and made him get off. He slept on my side of the couch. When I got up to get a drink he got off the couch, but when he realized I wasn't going to sit on the couch got back on it. Did the same thing when Jerry got up for a drink as well.
The Kittens ... I think one of them is trying me.. I found a largish damp spot on my bed, after Jerry left for work. I can't say for sure.. but I know it wasn't there when I went to the bathroom right after the alarm went off this morning. I need to do laundry anyways. but not today. I hope it all drys out well. I'll have to change things out anyway, but I want the mattrise to dry first.
From the kitchen... Yesterday's dinner. Ground Pork burgers, peas and instant potatoes. I think I'll make Orange Jell0 with Pineapple in it.  I'm going to try to go shopping tomorrow while Jerry is at work.
I am hearing... History channel on the tv with the Battle of New Orleans.
I am wearing... Maroon sweatpants and a blue sweat shirt.
I am reading...  I'll read another chapter of " The Virginia Exiles" today. Recipes and emails.
I am thinking... As much as we need the large paycheck, I want Jerry back on 10 hour days. He's too tired and it's too late for us to do the shopping like it needs doing, when he's working 12 hour days.
I am thankful for... Jerry having a job, and a great boss. He let Jerry leave a bit early at lunch time so he could get his check cashed. Jerry was a few minutes late getting back and he said it was ok.  He let Jerry leave early when I had called about the water leak. That he should work on it before it got dark.. it was dark before he finished it, though. Then it popped off again the next day.  But I let Jerry know it was just slipped off and it coudl wait until after work, Even though it was cold outside.
I am hoping... That this job lasts a few more weeks and that this company wants Jerry on another job.
Our new quote "Have camper, Will Travel".
I reminded Jerry to let the fellows at the job know that I'll do laundry, clean campers or do shopping from a list if needed. That's what I do to support the job. He said he'd try to remember. The only way that is going to happen is if somene mentions that they need someone to do that.
I am creating... A cleaner camper.
One of my favorite things... Being able to get out and walk. This morning, my knee isn't hurting me. first time this week that it's not been acting up. If it keeps this up, we will be doing a bit more walking.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
The usual. Laundry, food shopping. some other shopping.
Billie C.
most steps 72045 l, yesterday 5449

Life without friendship is like the sky without the sun.

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