Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21, 2011

Good Morning.
We really do not want to admit we are getting older (Can't be OLD, yet) But we went out for dinner last night (Ryan's) and for the next two hours just could not find anything we wanted to do. We don't go to bar's. It's just not for us. There isn't anything at the movies we want to see. We saw the orginal Tron and were not impressed with it why would we want to spend that much more money to see it again.. And no one can do Rooster Cogburn like the Duke did. So no intrest in True Grit. As for "The Tourist" we will wait and rent it, again for much less.
We both had to admit that bowling is now out. Don't think either one of us could handle a 12 to 18 pound ball any more for 10 frames. There's no mini golf here.
So, we walked the mall. And we didn't buy a thing, I tried to talk Jerry into going to Game Stop but he said now. We walked all around Barnes and Noble and, well, we left empy handed.  Jerry went it to Spencers while I sat on a bench, my hip didn't like all the walking. Again, he came back out empty handed.  Oh man.. we are getting old, and picky. There isn't much on the tv to watch either. and we are both bored of sitting at home. 
I do have to go to Dollar General for pet food tonight. But I don't know if Jerry wants to eat first or after.. a bit depends on when he gets off tonight. He's not sure how many hours he's working today.. and our weekend plans have changed. Jerry will be working and he has not idea how many hours per day.. A major change in the blueprints have been made and the new plans call for moving some wires about.. maybe they can use the wire that's alreayd been pulled, but most likely they will have to run more tray, conduit and then pull wire before the end of Sunday. I think I may wait till Monday to do the laundry, but I need to wash my coat today, this afternoon. really.I'm ready to open the door, remove collars and boot the kitty's out. No reason for them to have used my coat for a pottybox. their box was clean enough.
Outside my door ...  Cold and Sunny. Our high may be in the low 30's if we are lucky today. But back into the 40's and 50's after today.
The dogs ...  Are sleeping on my bed, again.  they are keeping kittens warm.
The Kittens ... Are in deep trouble with me.. I just can't believe they peed on my coat. on my bed.  Usually kitten and puppies learn fast to not pee where they sleep and these kitten sleep on my bed, alot.  If I knew just which one it was.. it's be out the door. they are more than old enough to know better.
From the kitchen... I have to cook, tonight. I dn't want to lose the meat I have down and it's been thawed for 3 days, it's use it or lose it time. I'll brown it this afternoon and save me a few minutes when it comes time to fix the rest of the meal.. yeah.. that box of cheesy hashbronw skillet dinner. Still have jello in the fridge.. again if we don't eat it,, I may have to toss it. after 3 days Jell-o just gets so rubbery and the taste changes.
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