Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Jerry and I watched the Old year out and the New Year in.
Not as much by choice as we just didn't feel sleepy, yet.
We had some wild weather. Storms last night were loud and we had heavy rain as well. then, just after Midnight, Some "idiot" was out back, across the creek, at the apartments, shooting of noisy fireworks.. He stopped when Lighting and Thunder out did his little noise makers.

Our First stop was near the Old Court house. I love this fountain. I wish I had a place where I could have three or four of them. I can just "see" this one with each level painted a different color. We looked and looked but never found the cache that was near here.
As you can see, We were across the street of the old courthouse. Love how the dome is bracketed by these old Magnolia trees. If we are still here when the trees bloom I want to try to take another picture.

We took the dogs with us, and I looked in the back once, to see Rocky sitting in the tub that I had Jerry's jeans in. Next time I looked, Rocky was sleeping in that tub..

This was the 5th of the 7 we went looking for.. can you see the cache? Look carefully. . yeah, it's in that dark hole near the bottom of the pole. I told Jerry I bet it's in that pole and as we got closer, He was able to walk right up to it. We let the dogs out for a bit while we were here.
After a late lunch, we looked up two more caches to try for.We didn't find the one at the flea market building. We looked for half an hour, but still didn't find it. So we headed to the one at this place along the Natchez Trace. I love reading the history of the area.
We found it. soaking wet from last nights' rain. Some critter had chewed on two of the corners of the box and the whole thing was soaking wet. We left a token and took a token but were not able to sign the logbook. It was a bit mushy walking all the way to the back to find this cache. but worth the walk.
All in all it was a good first day of the year and new decade. We had fun. talked a lot and saw some new sights. Made a quick stop at Lowes for some new lights for the living room. and then home for a few house chores.
Got home, Jerry took the dogs for another walk while I took in and put away the clean clothes. Jerry fixed Chili Cheese Fries for dinner.

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