Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25, 2011

Good Morning.
Jerry is still working, at least for today. Not sure what happens after today, though.
We woke up to rain and we will have rain all day, according to the weather man.. and we have a good chance of about 4 inches of snow overnight tonight.
Not sure what I'll fix for dinner tonight. I have some ground pork down that needs to be used so I'm thinking of that in some tomato sauce over noodles.
I think we have another water leak. Jerry worked on it last night, but the floor is still wet back in the back. And I think it's getting wetter. So, once Jerry gets off work, he'll have to fix that.
The dogs are much like me and don't like to walk in the rain.  I took them out at 6 and they were quick to "get done" and then back into the house.  Next walk should be around 10 am. This same storm system is hitting the North East with a lot of snow. I'm glade we are in the south this year.
Beth called me yesterday. Not much going on. Just touching base.
Outside my door ... (7AM) Rain, rain and more rain.. then snow tonight. yuck.
Billie C.



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