Thursday, January 20, 2011

For Today...Jan 20, 2011

Good Morning.  I thought I was going to cook last night. But Jerry does not like to eat then go back out again. He had said we needed to go to Walmart, so I texted him if we were going out to Walmart and if so are we eating out. He said "Eat Out". We had Subway. I got the club on honey oat.. I loved it. Not sure what Jerry got. Turkey sub, I think.  Subway is next door to walmart. We got the TP we needed (one of the things on the short list) and I picked up a couple of items for a swap. I also picked up a couple of things for a recipe I found. I'll post it later.
Funny thing about this recipe. I had just typed it into my computer, when a friend of mine (Vicky S.) posted it, almost word for word, to some groups we share. I got it from the church cookbook I've been sending recipes from. How funny is that?
Jerry wants me to make the Cheesey Hashbrown boxed dinner I picked up this week so the recipe I want to try will have to wait until Monday, I'm guessing. Because Jerry expects to be off both days this weekend.

Outside my door ... This is going to be a backwards day... that is the older the day gets, the colder it's going to be. We have a chance of snow this afternoon/evening. I already told Jerry, I'll cook tonight.
The dogs ... Are trying to sleep while the kittens are in full play mode right now. I've heard them "warn" the kittens to leave alone twice now. The dogs enjoyed our walks yesterday. The last long walk was a bit of a challange since they were distracted by a cat and several squirrls. We had several "sit's" to get them to refocus.
The Kittens ... Are tormenting the Dogs, who want to sleep. both dogs are curled on Jerry's bed and the kittens are jumping from bed to bed, running up and down the hallway, jumping back on the bed, as close to a dog as they can get, off the bed. wrestling in the middle of the floor.  Up into the closet, Jumping down, with as loud a thud as possible, to the floor, Racing back down the hallway.. jumping into the bathtub. out of the tub, and back up the hallway on to the couch, turn around and back down the hallway, onto the bed and play with Macon's tail (He hates that) In the trash can, out of the trashcan. tackle each other, stop to play with a plastic bag on the floor. run down the hallway, race back to the plastic bag and jump on it to see how far it will slide... and I swear. Last night, one of the kittens was getting in trouble just so I'd spray it with water. She loved it and was soaked by the time I put them back into a kennal for the night. I'm half tempted to set up a dishpan of water in the bathtub and put her in it to see if she'll like that.
From the kitchen... Cheesy Hashbrown dinner (from a box)Green beans, sliced tomatoes, and Lime Jell-o with Pineapple in it.
I am hearing... Tv morning news, kittens fighting and plurting and the fan on the heater.
I am wearing... (6am) blue house dress. Will put on sweat pants and a top here in a bit.
Billie C.
most steps 72045 l, yesterday 7839

Gems may be precious, but friendship is priceless.

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