Monday, January 3, 2011

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Good Morning
Time to learn to write a new year number.. I wonder how many people struggle with the year number change? It usually takes me only a few days if I have to write it few times.
My plans for today are to clean up the camper. End to End. I need to get up and get busy on that.
I feel I can do a little bragging.. I mananged to lose 25 pounds this past year, and keep it off over the holiday, when I usually gain at least 5 pounds back. I stayed the same through the holiday. My goal is to lose at least 25 pounds this year. If I lose more, that will be even better, but the goal is for 25, right now. To help with that, I also have a goal of doing more walking with or without the dogs, each day. to that end I have a pedometer that I have to remember to strap onto my leg each morning. It works better on my leg that on my hip.
Outside my door ...
It's COLD outside. We woke up to a tempature around 25 degrees. And was still dropping before the sun comes up. The window of the van was really frosted over. Jerry had to run the van a while to get it to melt. I think we are going to go to Walmart this evening and pick up some heat in a can. I offered to spritz some glass cleaner on it while he was using the wipers but Jerry said it woudln't help, but would make things worse.
The dogs ... Don't like it cold outside. they did what they needed to do, then ran back to the door to go back inside. now that the sun is starting to come up. our next "walk" will be longer.
The Kittens ... Have been very playful this morning. So much so that Macon "spoke" to them ( some call it scotching) and they scattered. They love playing with his tail and I'm guesging one got a bit rough with it. He has the right to protect himself. And the kittens are now all curled up around him, sleeping.
From the kitchen... Pinto Beans today. I want to make some ham salad for my lunch as well.

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