Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Morning

<< Good Morning >>
We woke up to a bit of rain this mornig. Should be out of here by Noon from the soudns of things. We are going to have the bottom drop out, tempurture wise this weekend.. after high's in the mid 50 and upper 40's a high of 30 is going to feel very cold.
Have I mentioned that Rocky does not like to get rained on? I think it goes back to his puppyhood. we got him in July and we didn't get any rain to speak of, until September and he had to go potty and didnt want to get wet.. I never did get him convienced he could pee in the parkling lot.
Macon, on the other hand, Wants to go play in the rain. He's part lab and they are water dogs. I have yet been able to take him someplace he can really swim, but I would love to. I think he'd have fun doing that.
I asked Jerry what he wanted for dessert tonight. Cake.. chocolate cake. So I'll be working on that sometime today. I'm sure I have a mix here for one.. and if not, I have recipes.
Outside my door ... woke up to rain and it looks like we will have rain all morning but our high is going to be in the low 50's today.
The dogs ... Rocky does not like the rain and so it was a quick out, then back into the house this morning. Depends on how wet it is when we take the longer morning break as to how far and how long we are out. I have found a few places closer to the camper I can walk them.. but if it's raining and muddy I'll have to pick a different place to go.
The Kittens ...  Had to have another time out yesterday. Two of them really. One in the morning, when they just kept up getting into things and knocking things down and spilling things.. and again last night when we wanted to eat and they just kept getting under foot and again with the getting into every thing, including the trash can that I ran each of them out of at least twice. they are already at it this morning as well but at least it's just the hallway races right now.
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