Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20, 2010 Good Morning

For Today... November 20, 2010
Good Morning.
(10am,) Just got back from the morning walk, and some dog training. The man who feeds the horse was getting it's feed from the shed and I made the dogs sit and watch without noise. We did get to speak before Macon started to bark.  I can't take the dogs to the trees behind the camper today as the camper on that side has someone visiting, with dogs. Not going to risk a dog fight. Have to wonder when the dog is tied up to a tree outside but is in the truck just how bad a dog is it?  We ate at the Mall last night.. Oh boy.. didn't know what we were getting in to.  Seems that Santa was due any time when we got there. We had Chick fil a. It was ok. There was music playing. Mostly Christmas while everyone was waiting for the man in the red suit. I had to wonder though, what Sweet Home Alabama has to do with Christmas in Mississippi.  It was the last song played before "Here comes Santa Clause" was played. We walked around a little and Jerry picked up a new pair of work boots. I asked him for his old boots. It will be spring before I "need" them for an idea I have of planting them with a couple of flowers and putting them by the doorway. I want to put moss rose in one and marigolds in the other. I also wanted the box the new boots came in. I'll have to pull it back out of the van as well.  I have a bit of loose stuff over my bed that could go into that box and clear up some space. Jerry didnt think about that.
He loved the cake I made yesterday. Wants me to make more like it.  Next time I may add some cocoa to it.
I have a recipe I want to try today. As soon as I finish writting this I'm go mix it up. If it turns out like it should,I'll post it this afternoon.

Outside my door ... Oh so nice.. The sun is shining and it's just the right tempature to walk outside without a jacket on.
The dogs ... Had their walk this morning, did some stay training and then they got the treat of some spilled dry cat food. The Kittens spilled it on ROckys kennel and since it wasn't much and they did fairly well with this mornings walk, I brushed it off onto the floor for them to seek and find. They loved it.
The Kittens ... are playing hard. from the Bathroom to the Living room (all 3o foot or so of inside space) they are racing, jumping and pouncing on each other, the dogs' rope. Me.. what ever is in the way.
From the kitchen...  Dinner will be Hamberger patties with Chili on top. After we eat we will go food shopping. Oh yeah.. Today I'm baking some sugar cookies to see if it's a recipe I want to keep or not.
I am hearing... some movie on the tv, motor coaches leaving, the fan on the heater. the dogs bark every now and then and the kittens trompling through the camper.
I am wearing... light grey sweat pants and my wild and free tshirt.
I am reading... recipes and emails
Billie C.

Moderation, not deprivation, is the key to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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