Sunday, November 14, 2010

nov 14, 2010

We spent the afternoon at a flea market. I lucked out. I have been looking for a tripod to use over an open fire... I FOUND ONE. for $30. I called Jerry to see if I should get it or not. It's iron and not steel. He was bored and disappointed with the prices on the guns at the gun show.. so he finished going through that part and came over where I was..He carried the box the tripod is in all over the first building then carried it to the van. there were so many puppies for sale.. $500, $400,$200,$500. yikes.. so much for so many.. And most were mixes.. yoriky poo. or cockypoo. We got to see a sugar glider for sale as well. Looks like a mouse or chipmonk on steriods. I saw Bengal kittens for sale as well.. yikes $500 apiece. The humane socity was there and If we didnt already have two dogs, we would have brought one of them home with us. I found a pan that will fit in my toaster oven to bake in.. Jerry got a belt. He broke his a few weeks ago and so I was happy for him to find one that is long enough. Oh, my best find.. is some leather mokasins. Almost like the ones My Grandfather use to make for me.. and I asked if he did work on commision.. yes.. maybe. I explained that I want Apachie boots, but I don't want the 6 to 8 inch fringe on the top, I want 3 inch frings. The skirts I plan to wear with the boots have a narrow hem in them and the longer fringes will put out my stitchings. If he's back in December, I'm going to see if he has a pair that will fit me. I just didn't have the $$$ this week. He only wants $65 for the style I'm talking about. We walked and walked and walked... and I'm happy to say, I did it all.. this time last year there was no way I could have done that much walking around.

I took this picture a few days ago. I had trouble with uploading pictures, it was just taking way too long. These little furballs are just to sweet to take to the Shelter. there are not any no kill shelters around here.

Macon had one of the kittens spotted on the bookcase. He's still trying to figure out a way to play with them. He wants to pounce on them and his big ol feet are just too big and I'm afraid he'll hurt them so every time he tries I have to stop him.

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