Monday, November 29, 2010

Long Weekend is over.

Whew.. What a long, long weekend we had. Jerry had off from Wed through Sun. Wed, was a lot of running around. I "knew" we needed propane.. but I didn't expect to have to buy a new tank.. then found out the old tank is stil very, very good. So now we have two full tanks of propane. I won't need to refill for at least a year at this rate. We've been using the one tank since late March or early April. We never tried it when we had the camper last year. Dont know why, just didn't.

Jerry picked up a Garmin GPS system last week, and we had to go looking for Geocaches. So far we are 3 for 6. Two we know we were right on top of and coudnl't find at all. Since one is suppose to be the size of a ammo box is should have been easier to spot once we got in the area.

I "finally" found a way to contain the kittens while we are out. (still hving a catbox usage issue with a couple of them). I have a flexable screen I picked up last year and I hope to find another one this next spring. It's really too tall for inside but since it's flexable, it will work. I put it in the bathroom doorway with the kittens in the bath area. Using some paper clamps that are extra heavty duty (and have maganets on the back) I can clamp the sides to the partitions and the top to an edge where there use to be a folding door in here. As I've said before,I'd rather the kittens use tub than the floor and the box rather than the tub. Instead of cleaning the cat box once a day, I'm cleaning it twice a day. That should help as well.

Thanksgiving went well. the turkey cooked a bit faster than I expected it to. So we ate just a bit earlier than first planned on. But besides the turkey I had a mashed up sweet potato with a dab of butter, rasins and mini marshmellows in it. Fixed Mashed potatoes for Jerry, from scratch. Nuked Peas and Carrots, cut up green pepper, cuckumbers, carrots and had some grape sized tomatoes. Also had grapes for that touch of sweet. I also had cottage cheese, cut up cheese, olives. whole berry cranberry sauce. For our dessert I fixed a pumpkin cake by mixing in one can of pumpkin into a spice cake mix. That's it, no milk or oil or eggs added to it. I topped mine with cool whip, Jerry doesn't like cook whip or any whipped topping.

Friday, Oh man. We started off getting up around 4 am.. Jerry wanted to get me a new laptop and Walmart had one on sale that he wanted to get me.. Only no one told us we had to be at Walmart at 2 am to get an armband in order to pick it up at 5 am.. Man oh man was Jerry mad about that. We headed to the other walmart in town and it was the same story. Both on the arm band and Jerry being mad. We ended up going to Best Buy and although they had been opened about 20 minutes still had plenty of laptops. Jerry had to pay a bit more than the one at W/M but this one has a larger screen and he is happy that we got this one. I had him set it up for me. We had to pick up DVD disks so he could make the backup diskes for just in case.

Of course, I'm still learning all the new things on the window's 7 program. I'm not thrilled with it's post it note program. I'll stick with Stickies. It has more of the features I like, like hiding it and able to have it repeat day after day as I go along.

After breakfast at home. We then headed out looking for another Geocache. Got close but never found it. Finally we found one on our third search.
Back to Walmart for just looking around, that's when I got the clips for the screen to keep the cats in the back. We did some more looking around but it was still crowded. We went to the flea market, It wasn't as full as last time, and nothing new was there. I did pick up a strainer that we needed though. Jerry likes to strain his ramein soups.

We drove around a bit. Then went to Lowes. We needed to wrap our water line.. By the end, we had bought a new, shorter water line (Walmart) ,Heat tape and pipe insulation and door weather stripping t shruggs. Then another trip to Lowes for more pipe insulation cause we got the last at Shruggs had. All in all Friday was a long, but intresting day. Oh yeah.. almost forgot. We went to the Tombigbee state park. Thought it would be larger than it is. It was our second choice on campgrouds while I was searching for places. They don't have cable or wifi was the only drawback. It's a vacation spot so many people want to leave the computer and tv behind will chose a place like there. Other than that and the size it's it's a nice little park.

Saturday, we had breakfast at Ryan's, then we did more Geocaching looking, our grocry shopping for the week, plus some because we know that this next paycheck is going to be a bit short, what with Jerry having 5 days off and only three days in it. after putting the grocries away, we did the laundry. All the blankets and sheets needed washed (thanks to the cats)

We finally found one of the caches on Satureday. Jerry was so thrilled to have finally found one.

Sunday we went back to the orginal one we were looking for and still have yet to find it. WE drove the Trace for a bit, It's much like the Blue Ridge parkway and a nice drive. We stopped at the local Natchez trace office. They have a nice mural on their walls. I wish they have shown more of the women of the area.

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