Monday, November 8, 2010

For Today... Nov 8, 2010
Good Morning.
My Hubby is a big, big softy. See those 4 kittens on him? It all started with a dog walk.. It was time to walk our dogs and I talked him into walking Rocky and I took them to the area behind the work sheds for the campground because Jerry hasn't been back there, yet. It's very nice back there and the dogs love going back there to "take care of busness". Macon was constantly pulling me and this can not be tolerated as he may pull at a bad bit of the hill and pull me over. So, when we got back from behind the sheds, I told Jerry, You don't have to continue, but I need to walk Macon more so he will learn that pulling me will not work.. Jerry said "OK, I need to go get gas in the van, anyway." I said, "Ok.. take Rocky for a ride, with you" "ok".... and Jerry goes to get his gas and I walk Macon until he stops pulling all the time. I get back to the camper and I start dinner. (dislike time change as it throws off my timing in just about everything for a few days) I keep wondering why it's taking Jerry so long to get back home.. the gas station isn't that far away... He comes in, backs into his parking spot, opens the door and asked me "Can I keep it?" and since I have my hands full, ask him what does he have.. it's a kitten (the grey one in the photo) and then tells me there are 3 more. I have him bring in Rocky and I put him in his kennel, put Macon in his kennel and askJerry if he wants to go get the rest of them. He wants to as they are very close to the busy roadway. Okay.. go get them... Once the grey kitten is taken from them the others seem lost and he's able to catch them all up. and brings them to me.. before he can get out of the van, I ask him to run to the General dollar store and pick up a little pan and litter. Not sure they know what a little box is for just yet. Of course letting the dogs learn that the kittens are off limits is intresting but we have a camper full of critters now. Jerry said something about taking them to the Humane shelter, but I doubt that may happen since we know that they will only have a few days there, at most. I'll have to check to see if it's a No kill shelter or not.. I did ask him to ask around work if any one wants a kitten. I don't know who could do this to these sweet babies. All are active, with good appetites and they get along well with each other. Like I said, the grey one, Now named Smoky, is the ring leader.He's first for everything. the other three are black and one has darker strips, one has white under it's chin and the other has fluffier, longer fur than the others. No way would we leave them to run over by the road. I was surprised they didn't come sleep with us last night. I had to get up around 1 am.. and found them all alseep+++++++++++++++++++++++++++9 behind the cushion on my side of the couch. ( I just had help typing this last sentence)
Ut oh.. Jerry found two potty messes on the couch and is not happy that he had to clean it up. I was cooking.
They were all returned to the cat box.. I had a large tub out in the van that has a split on one side. I was trying to get Jerry to toss things in it to keep them from rolling around.. A collection point of "things" I had him bring it in and he cut a hole in the side so we can keep the dogs out of the cat box. They can get out, not sure they know they are suppose to go in.
Outside my door ...(7am) The sun is up but it's chilly outside. There was frost on the van window. I have yet to winterize our waterhoses. We ran water all night long. We may not have to run the water tonight or the rest of this week. We will get the stuff to keep the hose from freezing this next weekend. (I hope)
The dogs ... are excited and upset that Jerry found the kittens and they are eating the dog food and the dogs are not allowed to eat the cat food. (ha ha) They have both gotten their nose slapped by kittens this morning but all in all they are quickly learning to get along. The kittens are learning to ingnor them for the most part.
From the kitchen... I cut two steaks off a roast I bought over the weekend and will fix the rest of the roast in the crockpot today. Jerry was not happy with his steak. It wasn't done enough for him, last night and after he nuked it, it was tough. he ended up eating peanut butter on cracker for the rest of his dinner.
I am hearing... morning news and trickling water
I am wearing... (7am) maroon sweat pants and my maroon house coat. Not sure what I'll put on later, yet.
I am reading... emailsI am thinking... This camper isn't large enough for 2 dogs and 4 kittens and 2 humans.. but we wouldn't have it any other way.I am thankful for... Jerry's kind heart. He wouldn't leave them by the road like that.I am hoping... Jerry can find homes for two of the kittens soon.

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