Friday, November 5, 2010

For Today... November 5,2010

One of many statuettes in the campground

For Today... November 5,2010
Good Morning. After Jerry left for work I went to make a pot of coffee and found my sink is clogged.. Must be some hamberger grease since that's what I fixed for dinner last night. I got a bit of water to move and am now pouring boiling hot water down the sink to wash it all away. Yuck. .Then a bit of dish soap with more boiling water,Yes, I'm also using baking soda and vinegar. I just did that and will follow with one more pan of boiling water
Today is payday.. not sure if we are going to eat out or if I'm expceted to cook something.. if I cook something it will be to open a can of chili and hopfully make some cornbread since that is all I have on hand. I sure hope we go out to eat. Jerry did like what I fixed for dinner last night.. That is after He went through the cupboard and saw that for sure I had already used the hamburger helper earlier this week. Well ya.. I used it either Sunday or Monday. and then laid out what we had eaten the last few days off of only buying three items of meat for 6 days. Oh.. ok. I see. yep.
Oh, I found my blue bandana.. it was behind the "John" soaking wet, which means we have another leak back there.. Oh man.. Jerry is not going to be happy to hear that.
Jerry said he'll have Sunday off.. I'll believe it when I see it.

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