Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I just love this little guy.
He looks like he's ready to have a good time
Barnes Crossing Campgrounds
Tupelo MS.

Good Morning. I hope you slept well.

Jerry worked over a bit last night. He called to let me know. I needed to do a load of white because he was out of underwear (tmi?) I had hoped to time it so that he could pick me up and I would only have to walk, carrying a bag, one way. The clothes were just ready for the dryer when he got home. I was sitting on the porch of the office and he parked across the drive and came and sat with me. I told him about our Granddaughter haveing tubes put in her ears, that there was a complication, and the adnoids and tonsils will have to wait a bit. She's doing fine now and went home by afternoon.

One of the ladies here in the long term parking area, Diane, also has a couple of dogs and I've found evidence of where she's walked her dogs.. in places rarely used by anyone else. We compared places to walk our dogs away from the normal walkng paths of people out for their daily exercise as well as tips on wher to find things around here. She was kind enough to let me know that there is a laundry mat, and a place to get our propane tank refilled, up the road north of us. We told her we had found the laundry matt over the weekend. As well as Dollar General and I know we passed a post office as well. We were not sure on the propane though. We have a Kroger close by, and I know we also saw a Save a lot on Satureday. Of course just about the first thing we found was Walmart. We did some price comparing to the one in Tuscaloosa and found that most prices here were a little less. Including my insulin. And no tax on it here. That saved me almost $5 on it. What a wonderful surprise that was. Of course since it was Halloween weekend, all the Halloween stuff was being taken off the shelfs and Christmas was already up. If I want to get anything Thanksgiving I better hurry.

I just turned on the heat in the bathroom and closed the curtain so it will be warm for my shower here in a bit. I need to wash my hair again, and condition it. I found one of my brushes in the van and really, really need to get all the tangles out of my hair. I've been trying to use one of Jerry's old hairbrushes and it just isn't doing the job well at all.
There are not many plans for today. straighten up the bathroom after my shower. make the beds, do the dishes, cook dinner, straighten up the living room.. makes my camper sound large don't it.. nope. at 32 foot, it's not large at all. No pull outs either. But naming each area makes it seem more like a home than a box on wheels. We have a love seat sized couch. I'm sure that at one time there was a hid a bed in here as that was standard at one time. The beds are in a walk through area so that makes them twin beds. with some storage under and over them. The closet area is almost not. they are maybe 24 inches wide and since we have all our seasonial clothes with us, are not near large enough to put clothes in. I fold all our clothes and put them in the large drawers under the beds. The closet on Jerry's side is where we keep the dirty clothes in rubbermaid type tubs that just fit inside the floor area. There are three shelfs close to the top that hold a few things. Same on my side. only my floor is just cluttered with stuff right now and I need to pull it all out and organize it. I know it's got three pairs of shoes, a blanket, and some books on the floor. Not sure what else is in there. I did have three tubs of stuff in the closet on my side, but put all that in storage as we needed the camper as light as possible. Most of that was our history based clothing and such. One was a tub of crafts and I also had a tub for sewing stuff on Jerrys side which I kept under the laundry. Of course, I really hadn't been doing much of anything so it's ok that they are in storage for now.

Outside my door ... Rain, rain and more rain... and I love it. we got about 1 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.. all nice and slow. it rained all day long and we needed this good soaking rain. I just saw the weather forcast and it looks like it will end this morning, maybe. Then will turn chilly. To me at least it will be chilly with a low in the low 30's and the high in the low 60 or upper 50'ss for the next few days. For November though, it's great weather. I hope that this much rain ends the drough here, and helps remove the burn ban that is state wide right now.
It would be nice to have a fire ring or fire pit on each site but I doubt that will happen in the near future. I have seen some nice fire rings that have a solid bottom on them. I would love to have one. There are many sizes to them, as well.
The dogs ... (6:30) are sleeping. They had their first walk and are now asleep until mid morning. That is unless they hear someone moving around outside.
(10am) We got our morning walk in. I think the cattle in the fiedl next to the campground may be out. Macon kept looking over that way and I had a hard time getting him to leave it alone and come along with me. I now wish I had asked the man I saw near the gate if his cattle were out or not. I just didn't connect the two together.
(2pm) Rocky is now on my lap.. his head is anyway.. they know we will soon take another walk.

From the kitchen... Chicken tonight. Not sure just yet how I'll fix it. Most likely fix some remein soup and chop the chicken into that. I'll open a can og green beans as well. I may make some Jell-o with fruit in it for a dessert. I opened a can of pears last night for a dessert. I wanted to do a cake, but it was not a good day to bake a cake, too humid yesterday and I knew a cake wuold not turn out right.
(2pm) I made up Strawberry Jell0, adding in an extra pack of Strawberry flavoring (Flavor aide) and used the juices from the Pineapple as part of the water called for. I put pineapple in 4 ramakins but the jello only filled three. I ate the 4th one for lunch

I am hearing...(6:30) morning news on the local CBS Station. Rain on the roof, Macon has the hiccups. (2 pm) The Talk.. not sure if I like it or not yet... I didn't like yesterdays show as they were really bashing "the View" and that was just being Catty.

I am wearing... (6:30) my blue house dress. Today I plan on wearing brown sweat pants and a dark blue top that has sleeves to my elbows.

I am reading... Emails and blogs

A few plans for the rest of the week... change of plans as Jerry thought he was going to have a three day weekend and now he may work all weekend. Looks like the guys from the temp service will be staying while those who work for this company go "home" for the weekend. Gee, this sounds so familer. We are not sure if Trillium is a temp service or what. Not that it matters that much as long as Jerry is working and getting paid for it.
Around the house...
made Jerry's breakfast
walked the dogs
set up journal page
type out recipe, share in recipe groups
brushed hair
med and breakfast
walked the dogs (long walk)
ran dish water
filled ice trays
pick up dirty clothes
put shower mat over side of the tub
hang wet towels and washrags to dry
spray and scrub sink, tub and john
make Jerry's bed
Make my bed
clean stove top
wipe out microwave
wipe sink countertop
clean counter by fridge
clean top of fridge
wipe off outside of air unit
make dessert
***** still to go *****
Challenge for the day ... clean up bottom of my closet
dust T.V. , DVD Player, speaker mixer and countertop
clean off tops of dog kennels
clean off printer, dust around it
clear space that is left, wipe clean
clean off top of my computer
Clean top of book case
vacum floor
bag up trash

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