Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fingerless gloves, Kidos' on the dogs

I wrote this yesterday in my journal.

i got to talking with a friend on the phone a bit ago, about making things and she mentioned fingerless gloves. I have a pair. I bought them for $15 at the last CoHT meeting I was able to attend. (3 years ago) they are the best for when you want your hands warm but need your fingers for doing something. (controling dogs on leads while walking) I like the idea of making them out of old sweaters. Now I need an old sweater.

Oh oh, Kudos' on my dogs today.. Very Big KODOS' We took our walk a bit early this after noon, knowing that we are going to get rain.. on our way to the trash can and mail box, taking care of three things at once. We were walking up the hill, past a drivealong camper, when, just as we were passing it, I notied a rather large German Shephard sitting outside the door. I told my two "No" and "Leave him". and that was all I had to say.. He didn't bark and my two didn't bark. and they kept walking with me as well. I was shocked they behaved so very well. They kept looking to see if he was following us to the area I potty them, then let them play with each other a few minutes each time we go that way. I didn't see that dog again. I don't know if he was taken in or if the owner walked him to a different area. We took a different route back to the camper.






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