Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nov 13, 2010

Hello. My oh my. We woke up early, no real reason why, just did. Jerry got up so early that he was dressed and cooking his own breakfast when I woke up. Befor he left for work, he even walked the dogs. I waited until he was gone before I let the kettens out of the kennel. Yep, Macon and Rocky got to sleep with us again last night. Oh yuck. I'm going to have to boil our drinking water. I was flushing the john and notice that the water wasn't clear. the more I put in the john, the darker it got.. from a light yellow to a dark brownish color. I noticed one of the guys who works here had just driven in. so I put on a jacket and went looking for him.. bout gave him a heart attack when I stepped around the corner of the shed.. He checked the water and was surprised it was so dark.. but after it runs a bit it starts to clear up a bit.. but still. who wants brown or yellow water? I do have some coffee filters so I can run some water through that then boil at least 5 minutes. That is, if the propane will last that long. When I cooked my eggs earlyer, the flames were turning yellow a sure sign we are getting low in our tank.

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