Thursday, November 4, 2010

For Today... Nov 4th, 2010
Good Morning, I hope you slept well last night
I admit it, I tease my dogs every now and then. Last night, Jerry took them for last walk, and to smoke his cigar.. a nice long walk down the driveway, across a bridge and back toward our end of the campground on the other side of a small bubbling brook. Somewhere along the way, they disturbed a cat, It up and ran away. Jerry and the dogs came back and Jerry told me about it.. and I did a little kitten like mew. And both dogs alerted up.. looking for the cat. I really had Rocky going and he got up on the back of the couch, looking out the window trying to find it. We also teased the dogs by pretending to go to bed early. Both thinking they were going to get to sleep in bed with us.. just as we would lay down and turn off the lights, here come the dogs.. We would snap the light back on and they would freeze in place. We did that twice last night. Rocky wasn't too happy to be teased that way. But he forgave us as he ended up sleeping with each of us part of the night last night.
I need to make bread today. I have everything I need and we are out of bread. I may even make two loafes of bread. I have some hamburger left from the other night and so I'll fix it in some mac and cheese and add in the rest of the spagettie sauce I have. I'll cut up the last green pepper we have to add some green color to the meal. I need to make some sort of dessert but havn't thought of what just yet (it's only 6:30)
Today will be straightening up the camper, again. Like dishes and dirty clothes it's always an ongoing process. You know the everyday things like putting the showermat over the side of the tub to dry.. Jerry never does that. Picking up any dirty clothes that are on the floor,, I'm bad about leaving my socks on the floor after I take them off, as does Jerry. sometimes the towels fall of the hook we put them on. I'll hang any damp washrags to dry, over the tub as well. Make the beds, do the dishes, and vacum the floor.. the usual stuff that "someone" has to do to keep it nice and neat in here. Of course add to that the times the dogs have to go outside.. a few short outings and at least two longer walks as much so they can poop without my havning to pick it up, as for the excerzie itself.
Outside my door ... The sun is out and the high is to be in the low 60's Great walking weather with the dogs.
The dogs ... love walking and running and playing in this weather. I think they know that soon it may be too cold to enjoy more than a few minutes at a time outside
From the kitchen... Mac and Cheese with Spagettie sauce and hamburger added to it
I am hearing... The mid day news on the tv and the wind blowing through the trees outside.
I am wearing... brown sweatpants and my eyor shirt
I am reading... emails and recipesI am thinking... I need to print out my grocrie list and high light the stuff I really need on the listI am thankful for... Having a water tight camper to stay in and that we can take it with us now that it's paid off and living in it is good.I am hoping... That we can eat out tomorrow night. Jerry found out that the money that was forwared to us is al coming out on the first check. He was told it would be paid back over 4 weeks. but that changed.. So the plans on paying the bills had to change as well (durn it)I am creating... A pleasant place for us to live in.One of my favorite things... near the driveway to the camper is a scent in the air from the trees. .I don't know what it is but it's very spicy and sweet smelling.A few plans for the rest of the week... shopping, laundry and sitting

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