Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18. 2010, Cheese Ball,

No, Im not mad in this picture. Just as it was snapped, one of the other kittens clawed my leg. Smokey loves sitting on my shoulder. I like hearing him purr. but kittens grow up and get heavy.

Good Morning. Looks like a coolish/warmish day with high around 62F. but also a dampish start to the day today. Morning fog should burn off by 9 am though. Jerry and I seem to be on different tempature paths. He was cold when he came in and took a long time to warm up.. so long that I was too hot before he agreed to turn the heaters back down. Of course, I had been cooking and was by the stove where it's warmer. I'll have to remember to turn on the heater in the bathroom before he gets home tonight. It doesn't have a tempature control. Just low, medium and high but no other way to regulate the tempature. I usually turn it off around 7 am. or after my shower. I want to pick up one that I can just have turn off when it gets warm enough. Our heater in the living room has a tempature regulator. Outside my door ... A few high clouds but it looks like its going to be a very nice day. I think it's going to be a bit foggy this morning but once that burns off it's going to warm up and have plenty of sunshine.
The dogs ... Are being tormented by the kittens. Macon is still trying to figure out a way to "Play" with the kittens. He wants to pounce on them and his feet are so large that it isn't safe for him to do that.. but the kittens have discovered his tail. That his tail moves.. and they will pounce on that.. So brave are the kitties, playing with a very large (to them) dog's tail.. then they run away when he looks at them. Yesterday I found all 6 of the animals sleeping on my bed. Two of the kittens were curled up by Rocky but none were very near Macon. Last night Macon and Rocky were trying to sleep with Jerry, until the kittens tried to join. Rocky came over to my bed and two of the kittens followed him over. Yesterday, on our afternoon walk. The dogs found a small piece of wood and we played keep away for about 15 minutes. I left the wood there so we may try to play Keep away again this morning. I may put one of the balls in my pocket to carry with us and play with this morning. It still turns into, keep the ball away from the fat lady, instead of my tossing the ball and Rocky or Macon bringing it back to me.
The Kittens ... As I said in the dogs post.. they are teasing and tormenting the dogs with much delight. They are catbox broke or bathtub broke. Still have at least one who is using the bathtub as his potty place. At least it's easy to clean up when it's there. Ugh. I asked Jerry to take the bathmat out of the tub after his shower, but he had trouble with the shower head and didn't take that shower but left the bathmat in the tub.. I asked him about it this morning and he said he'd clean it up... still there and he left for work about an hour ago.. I'm debating leaving it there for him.. Usually, throughout the day, I just go ahead and rinse out the tub while I'm back there.
From the kitchen... Thinking of Chicken and rice bake, in the toaster oven. I made up a box of Chocolate Chip cookies I had yesterday. We had them for dessert. I had Jerry take 4 of them with him to work this morning, leaving me two of them. Not sure what our dessert will be tonight.
I am hearing... Morning news and the fans off the heaters.
I am wearing... (6:30) Blue house dress, tan house socks, red crocks. Will change after a bit into light grey sweat pants and my blue flowered top.
I am reading... recipes and emails.


Beth, my yougest, texted me and asked me to snail mail her a couple of recipes. no bake cookies. Apple butter and potato candy. I'll put them in another post as soon as I send off this one.
I'm still coping recipes from a church cookbook. I found another one I will also copy, once I finish this one.

Cheese Ball
"From Our Home to Yours"
Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"
8 oz Cream Cheese, softened
8 oz Cheddar Cheese, shredded
1 Pkg Hidden Vally Ranch dip mix
Chopped Pecans
Mix together. Shape into a ball and roll in chopped Pecans. Chill in airtight container until ready to serve.


Cheesey Ranch Crackers
"From Our Home to Yours"
Ozark First Church of the Nazarene"
1 box Cheese Nips
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix
1/4 cup Olive Oil
Place Cheese Nips and Ranch Dressing mix in a bowl. Drizzle oil over everything and mix until everything is well coated. Store in an airtight container or a large zip loc bag.
Will keep for several days.

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