Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday

Gee. I had no plans on shopping Black Friday but Jerry has.. and I get to tag along.  That's ok. Since it's Walmart and they are open I can pick up a few things I needed anyway.  I need dog food, some large clamp like paper clips and I'll cruse the clothes for large women while I'm there. He'll be in the back at Eletronic's.
Billie C.

Moderation, not deprivation, is the key to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!



Louise said...

I hope you have tons of fun. I have heard of Black Friday but have never participated.. Where did the name come from??

Mountainrose said...

Black Friday is called thaat because all the sales start for Christmas and stores start to make money. Going from using red ink that indicated not making money,(an old bookkeeping system) To using Black ink, indicating a profit is now being made. You have heard the term being in the red, when you own on your bills? That is another term from that same bookkeeping system.