Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I said I had to walk up the hill, twice, yesterday.. I thought you may want to know just how far that is. If you look to the right of the top of this picture, you will see the back of a black trailer. The vans are parked on the other side of it. It's close to a quarter of a mile walk, This is not our last snow, but a couple of storms ago. This past storm we got almost 10 inches of snow. Luckly we got the grocries before it got here, so we didn't have to carry anything heavy back down. In the bottom left of the picture, where you see the rut in the snow, is where all the water runs off, from the hill.. Right now, it's more like an ice rink than a snow bank.

Today it is sunny out, but still very cold. I doubt we will have much melting until Friday at the earliest. By then, we may have to go to the store again. There are some things that just don't last long, even with refrigeration. Milk being one of those things. We eat a lot of eggs for three people. Especally when your daughter needs you to make some cupcakes to take in to work.. She's the one who is going to have to walk them up that hill, tonight, in the bitter cold. I'm not sure which is harder on her, this cold or her landlord waking her up in the middle of the day in summer, mowing the grass.

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