Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15, 2010

Although I've not been posting, I have been trying to keep up my "For Today" as a journal on my computer. I did skip it this weekend, though. Saturday was just one of those days that all any of us did, was sleep, I'd catch Jerry sleeping, then fall asleep myself. Would wake up to his doing something and next thing I knew I was asleep again, would wake up and see him asleep again and the dogs... they were all sleeping in some of the most funny positons.. Mostly on a back with a leg stuck stiffly up in the air.

Jerry is so sweet. Even though we don't have a whole lot of cash right now (between un-employment checks) He got me a very nice card for Valentines day. It expresses just what the two of us Promised each other, back in 1977. To just be there for each other, no matter what else was going on.. I don't want to put it away.

I've been thinking about "our" camper the last few days. I do hope that we can get back to it soon as it really is "home" for us. Although we've been here at Beth's for a long time now (since Oct) we are still "just visiting" and really do need to get on out of her hair and back to the things we are use to doing on our own. I know Beth loves our being here but also misses doing all the things she does without our being here.

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